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Manic Monday

Hello. Happy Monday, I hope you had a nice weekend and unplugged a bit from the chaos that is the world right now. It snowed here and was bitterly cold on Saturday, a little warmer on Sunday. Clocks have sprung forward, now we need the weather to follow! I have a mixed bag of beauty curated for you today.

This room is gorgeous. I particularly love the mix of furniture and the artwork that climbs from the mantel to the ceiling. Stunning.

These chairs are like pieces of art; and the combination of the rustic beams, gray blue trim, plaster walls, and dark metal accents is soothing and super attractive.

photo source

This kitchen appeals to me and I cannot exactly pinpoint why. The wood ceiling and beams are amazing for sure and something about the rest of the room being all black works for me. Do you like it too?

I am a huge proponent of keeping what you can in any renovation or redecorating project (waste not want not) and this bathroom, which was updated with new tile while the sink and sconces stayed the same, proves that reusing can and does indeed work.

I really like the sightline into this bathroom. Navy walls always draw me in and the sink, mirror, and lantern in this all white bathroom are a beacon at the end of the hallway.

These next two bedrooms are layered, beautiful retreats. Note, although they look completely different from each other, they have the same elements as building blocks - mismatching lamps, round and rectangle bedside tables, seating at the end of the bed, rattan blinds, paneling. A great illustration of how possibilities in design are endless.

When I mentioned in the beginning of the post that this a sort of mixed bag Manic Monday, I was referring to the next several images that I saved because they are each inspiring and because they all contain specific items I have posted about before in other series.

This table looks almost exactly like the table that launched my Furniture Fever series (original post here) and upon seeing it, I realize that I still have the fever for it! I love this table.

photo source

In my most recent Furniture Fever post, I talked about tete a tete sofas like this. I'm still feeling the affects of this sickness! These things are so cool.

This kitchen is all around stunning. I have posted about stone walls, wooden dough bowls, and baskets all before. I love them all!

Here is another gorgeous kitchen. The beams, French doors, stone floors, my, oh my. This island is also comprised of two separate materials (wood and stone) - the subject of my most recent Food For Thought post.

deVol, photo source

Lastly, I love candles. I light them in my house just about every night right before I start to make dinner (and turn on some good music too) and I instantly feel calmer and motivated to prepare food for my family. I have posted about my love for candles here too.

I hope you enjoy(ed) your own Manic Monday today as well as the post. Tomorrow is the official Ides of March and I will be here to post An Inspiration For My Renovation post. See you then.

Thank you for reading today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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