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Monday Mentions: August 2023

The last Monday of August means we are very close to the end of the last full month of summer (sad note) and that a Monday Mentions post (happy note) is upon us! I traveled with my daughter to tour some colleges at the beginning of the month and then went to The Farm in West Virginia for a family getaway with all five of us before school started. It was lovely. We toured the University of Miami and College of Charleston to be specific. We loved them both. My daughter's top choice now is the University of Miami. I still shake my head in disbelief that she is a senior in high school whereas she shakes her head in disbelief that she's still living at home - she has "go to college now" fever!

I didn't spend as much time perusing inspiration as I usually try to, nonetheless I do have some beautiful, inspirational ideas to share you with this month.

Here we go.....

In and Out

The exterior should set the tone for the interior of your home and this nine panel, glossy black door that pivots rather than opens on hinges is letting visitors know that they should prepare to be amazed. This door is gorgeous and I particularly like the scale of the petite brass knob with the large pivoting door.

The modern breezeway structure connecting these two old stone buildings hints to a phenomenal house inside as well. This is quite attractive.

Have a Seat

Good upholstery and fabrics are a game changer for just about any space. I love this large tufted ottoman in place of a coffee table, and the mix of fabrics in this room is lovely.

photo source

Dream window seat. I find seating in an upstairs landing area so charming, especially built in seating like this.

Check Out The View

You know I love a good sight line and this one is superb. The shirred fabric on the kitchen cabinets is the icing on the cake.

Is there a better sight than a fabulous painting in a room!?! Probably, maybe, perhaps. This one is fantastic though :-).

Bitchin' Kitchen

This little kitchen is BIG on charm.

These stools have my heart, the fabric and the circle feet - love.

The white painted brick walls and slim wood shelf spanning the windows in this otherwise dark kitchen make the entire space gorgeous.

Cabin Crush

I have always a wanted a cottage with a relaxed vibe - really an "it's been saved" vibe from someone tearing it down -and this cottage entrance porch and peek to the inside by Flint & Kent is that dream in reality form. I LOVE this place. The shingled walls, painted floors, and mix of furniture styles/periods and natural elements used as decor is perfect to me. I pray you will find me in a place like this for retirement and of course you are invited!

Bathroom Elevations

I am enthralled with skirted sinks lately, absolutely enthralled.

The way this cabinet is cut flush into the wall and its trim instantly brings another level of character to this bathroom. The shower door is not too shabby either.

A chair in the bathroom is always a good idea - practical and attractive.

And how do you feel about a fireplace in the bathroom!?!

I say "yes please" to this one!

photo source

Enjoy the last days of August in this last full month of summer.

Thank you for reading today. Go forth inspired!





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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