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On Trend Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Today's post is going to be very image heavy and word-lite. I am sharing a design element that I have been seeing constantly that leads me to believe it is a trend indeed. I have seen it happening in every room of the house. What is this trend you ask? It is stone walls. Stone is not just for chalets and chateaus anymore:-). Be it a backsplash, an accent wall or all four walls, stone seems to be everywhere. It is in modern homes, new builds, exposed in old homes and/or added as an accent in all types of homes in between. The stone can be smooth, rounded, narrow or square: it can be dark, light, or a mixture of colors. All that matters, it seems, is that it must be stone! I have divided some of the many images I have seen over the past several weeks by room in the home. Take a look!

The Entryway

photo source

mmi design, photo source

McAlpine House, photo source

Jennifer Robin Interiors, photo source

Kate Vespa, photo source

Sarah Knuth, photo source

Moment Design + Architecture, photo source

Amy Morris Interiors, photo source

photo source

The Living Room

Mohon Interiors, photo source

Amber Interiors, photo source

Stephanie Kraus Interiors, photo source

The Dining Room

Maria Nordlund Interior Design, photo source

The Kitchen

House of Jade Interiors, photo source

Marie Flanigan Interiors, photo source

Betsy Brown, Inc., photo source

Patrick Ahearn, photo source

The Other Side of Neutral, hoto source

Pure Salt Interiors, photo source

West of Main, photo source

Lindsay Hill Interiors, photo source

Amber Interiors

The Bedroom

m.elle design, photo source

And even The Bathroom

Hillside Farmhouse, photo source

Studio Di Architettura Pignattai Rabagli photo source

I am a huge fan of stone walls. They are versatile - they look great with painted walls of almost any color and look splendid with wood of almost any tone. They are suited to all types of architecture and interior design. I would bet that stone walls are on their way to becoming an everlasting trend. What do you think? Do you love them too?

I will be back tomorrow with my Book Report for the month. Until then, thank you for joining me today!




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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