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On Trend Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Today's post is going to be very image heavy and word-lite. I am sharing a design element that I have been seeing constantly that leads me to believe it is a trend indeed. I have seen it happening in every room of the house. What is this trend you ask? It is stone walls. Stone is not just for chalets and chateaus anymore:-). Be it a backsplash, an accent wall or all four walls, stone seems to be everywhere. It is in modern homes, new builds, exposed in old homes and/or added as an accent in all types of homes in between. The stone can be smooth, rounded, narrow or square: it can be dark, light, or a mixture of colors. All that matters, it seems, is that it must be stone! I have divided some of the many images I have seen over the past several weeks by room in the home. Take a look!

The Entryway

photo source

photo source

The Living Room

The Dining Room

The Kitchen

The Bedroom

And even The Bathroom

I am a huge fan of stone walls. They are versatile - they look great with painted walls of almost any color and look splendid with wood of almost any tone. They are suited to all types of architecture and interior design. I would bet that stone walls are on their way to becoming an everlasting trend. What do you think? Do you love them too?

I will be back tomorrow with my Book Report for the month. Until then, thank you for joining me today!





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