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Mini Post: Wood Bowls

Hello! Today I am singing the praises of vintage wood bowls as a decorative accent. These "wood bowls" come in all sizes and shapes. They add a level of interest to any room, no matter the overall "style" of it. Vintage wood bowls are great too because they are relatively easy to find at antique fairs and flea markets, they will not break the bank, and they are quite versatile and useful too!

from my binders, designer unknown

from my binders, designer unknown

In this last one you see a very large vintage wood bowl in the room beyond the fireplace on the right hand side.

I have one vintage wood bowl in my house that I have always used on a coffee table. When my renovation is complete I think I am going to put it in the kitchen and then look for more for other rooms! I will be back tomorrow with another mini post. Until then, thank you for being here.





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