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Monday Mentions: October 2023

Hello! October, one of the best months of the year (in my opinion :-)) is coming to a close and that brings with it the inspiration that I have collected over the course of the month.

It has been a lovely month weather wise in Powell, Ohio with multiple days of crystal clear blue skies as the background for the rainbow of colors provided by the changing leaves on the trees. I have truly enjoyed and appreciated the beauty each day. I hope the month has been a great one for you.

John and I have been busy working on our house and it seems like all of my free time is spent dedicated to those projects. I really need to work on some blog posts to share what we are doing, why we are doing it, and where we are in the process. I will really try and get that going in November! That being said I have not spent a lot of time perusing design this month, I have managed to find a little time here and there though and have some good stuff to share!

Picture Perfect for the Season

These three houses capture the feel of the season in completely different ways and they are all gorgeous. The last house is actually right here in the Columbus, Ohio area and I want to steal the broom decor idea in some way - love it.

photo source

photo source

photo source

Step Inside

One of my all time favorite features that is and forever will be on my wishlist for a future home (old home or new build) is a glass walled vestibule in the front entrance. This one is gorgeous.

Living Large

I love the vibe of all of these living rooms.....

Lamp (and Jar) Love

I love these lamps and jars that follow. The first image has lucite lamps that are perfect to add dimension and interest to the antique chest and objets d'art. Following are lamps made from jars and vases, and the use of vases and jars to style a table - some of my favorite things!

photo source

photo source

photo source

Design Crush

Steven Gambrel did a Sunday afternoon post of vignettes from a gate house recently and all of the images are gorgeous! I am going to share a few of them and you can go to this link to see them all.

The marble sink and faucet are amazing. This kitchen is phenomenal.

Light the fire and I will stay here all day! Gorgeous.

The egg shaped/olive knuckle hinges on these doors are stunning. It's all in the details!

Rooms with a View

The mural on the peak of the wall separating the dining space from the kitchen is striking.

photo source

I love everything about this bathroom - the three windows, two pendants, and one sink look soooo good together!

This is pure charm, all of it, and the child's seat at the table is charm times ten.

photo source

Old home? Check. Glass cabinetry? Check. Blue and white skirted cabinet front? Check. Perfect? Check.

photo source

I had a bench by the entry in my very first house with a collection of pillows on it that I loved. This one is better.

Mudroom Magic

These mudrooms are all so different and all so awesome.

photo source

Happy end of October, happy week and happy November.

Thank you for stopping by today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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