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Manic Monday

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day <3 (that is supposed to be a heart!). I hope you enjoyed your Super Bowl weekend! There is something so wonderful, to me at least, about knowing that so many people are focused on the same event for the joy and tradition of it alone. It is the only day of the year I make chili for dinner and something that John really looks forward to! What about you? Did you keep to your traditions this year?

Keeping with tradition here on the blog, there is a lot of inspiration to follow that hopefully will help you to get your week started on the right foot.

This entry is charming. I love the pattern on the screen door, the transom above the red front door, the off center coat hook with the artwork to the left of it, the overstuffed cushion on the bench, and the paint colors. All together it gives such a warm welcome to visitors and homeowner alike.

Elizabeth Ferguson Design, photo source

This mudroom storage cabinet is gorgeous. Period.

W Design Collective, photo source

This corner wall bench is practical and attractive. It is such a clever use of space and something like this could be constructed to match the style of the home, it doesn't have to have a Scandinavian-like/modern look like this one does.

Jess Bunge, photo source

This nook is giving off Library Love and Wallpaper Love vibes as well as Nook Bed vibes. Bottom line, it is all around charming.

Paul Lamb Architects, photo source

This gorgeous room is reinforcing my love of daybeds in the living room. This wide daybed in front of the fireplace provides the perfect connection point for the two sides of the room. Love!

Isabel López Quesda, photo source

Could this space be any cozier!?! It just goes to show you, a small room can have a huge, magical impact - take advantage of that fact!

Caroline Cole Designs, photo source

We are big into cozying up with blankets when we watch TV or read around here. This hollow coffee table provides a perfect, easy to grab storage spot for said blankets.

Amy Storm & Company, photo source

This rustic space has my heart. Wouldn't you love to have a getaway place like this to completely unplug? Amazing.

Studio John Volleman, photo source

Even though I cannot see it all, I know I want it all. This kitchen and adjoining seating area are beautiful. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The color of the cabinetry, the curtained countertop cabinets, the dark beams, the bamboo chair with paisley cushion, the fabric on the sofa, the coffee table stacked with books, the floor lamp. I love it all!

Noel Pittman Interior Design, photo source

The dining area in this kitchen is a master class in "the mix". The modern and antique elements blend together perfectly. And a fireplace in the kitchen, yes please!

Zio and Sons, photo source

The simplicity of this bedroom is stunning. I particularly love the use of the picture light between the two beds and the reflective shine on the painted floor.

Moore House Design, photo source

Several kitchens ago I was contemplating using wallpaper covered with plexiglass as the backsplash rather than the more common tile. I ultimately decided that splashes associated with (my) cooking would require constant windex cleaning and I might not keep up with that :-). I still love the idea of it though and using it in the bathroom is much more manageable.

Suffolk Pink Living, photo source

I love the simplicity of these two concrete sinks.

photo source

Leanne Ford, photo source

This sink is charming for a powder room.

Grand Tradition Homes, photo source

This bathroom is off the charts. The large marble basin sink, mirror, chair, terra cotta floors, chandelier, and wood paneled walls - my oh my!

Park & Oak Interior Design, photo source

Two very attractive laundry rooms coming your way.

Kate Marker Interiors, photo source

Having the sink lower than the countertop is genius for clothes washing by hand.

Logan Killen Interiors & Design Studio, photo source

I am a huge fan of mixed materials in exterior architecture - stone, brick, wood siding, cedar, copper, all of it - bring it on! And I really love dark color wood work on sections of white houses like in these next two homes.

Amy Storm & Company, photo source

photo source

I think all new construction should have to pass a detail test. This house would have aced the test! The windows, shingles, brick skirt around the house, roof lines, landscaping - this house is perfection.

Tippett Sease Baker Architecture, photo source

As I have mentioned before, I do not see the point of shutters unless they are the right size and shape to actually shutter the opening (regardless if they will be used or not) and the shutters for this front entry way are just right!

Grand Tradition Homes, photo source

The End (of Manic Monday for this week). I will be back tomorrow with an Inspiration For My Renovation post. See you then.

Thank you for starting your week off with me,




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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