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Furniture Fever

Happy Friday. In the last Furniture Fever post my temperature was rising for a statement chair. Today, I am feeling the love for a daybed in the living room. I am a fan of the versatility of a daybed because it allows those who sit on it to face more than one direction which makes it can be a great transition piece from one seating area to another in a large room. It is equally effective and attractive if it sits off on its own where it invites quiet, relaxing moments. Daybeds can also have many styles to either fit a room's overall vibe or provide a departure in style adding depth and character to the space.

This room is all about the daybed and boy does it make a statement!

from Architectural Digest September 2021 Issue, designed by Carlos Mota

I really like the way this daybed is upholstered with a different fabric down the middle - it fits the space and adds a little something, something.

This daybed in the all white living room is a beauty. I like how the black legs play off the lighting fixtures in the room.

I love the striped fabric on this daybed and how it adds great character to this beautiful space.

This day bed is screaming for someone to come lounge on it.

This simplicity of this daybed and artwork combination is stunning.

This looks like it could be a double daybed - two times the fever here!

This daybed provides seating and an almost unobstructed view out the window. Lovely.

A leather daybed in this rooms add a lot of texture and character. I love the leather bolster pillows too.

A canopy daybed! This really adds character to the room.

Another beautiful leather daybed that brings all of the elements of the room together.

A low backed, minimal chaise works very well too.

When I was looking through my inspiration binders recently, I spied a few images with daybeds from days gone by. Apparently my fever has been simmering for decades!

This antique wood sleigh frame is beautiful and the mix of fabrics is inspired.

Do you have a fever for daybeds in the living room too? I will be back on Manic Monday. Happy Weekend.

Thank you for reading,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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