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Monday Mentions: July 2023

Hello! July was a whirlwind for me, what about you!?! My two younger children both attended out of state summer programs in the beginning of the month - one in Michigan and one in California and then we did a lot of college tours for my rising senior daughter once they were back. A lot of traveling. We were all home together for only a handful of days and now we are prepping for the new school year that starts one week from Thursday. Time moves too fast, always.

I did not spend a lot of time perusing home design sadly - my favorite thing to do when I have a free moment. When I did get a chance though, I found some great inspiration that I am excited to share with you!

How I Want A House To Feel

The most important thing to me when designing a house is to make the home feel welcoming. W hen all is said and done, all of the fabric chosen, walls painted, furniture purchased and placed - if you and your guests walk in and don't feel drawn in and at ease immediately, something is amiss.

These two images set the stage for a warm welcome.

Flowers, firewood, and protection from the elements provide a thoughtful and beautiful entry to this home. Love.

This entry hall is stunning and beckons visitors in to what is surely to be a gorgeous home through and through.

This room is exactly how I want my own home to feel....layered, cozy, and enticing.

Intriguing Living Rooms

I was struck by the artwork placement in this living room. The framed artwork "speaks" to the furniture while the rest of the wall space is open. It is unique, and I appreciate unique.

And I was also struck by this living room that is quite the opposite, filling most of the space with pattern and objects. Both rooms offer a lot of seating options, just in a completely different way. Which do you prefer?

Dining Halls (college tour term ;-))

I love a round dining table. I think all square dining rooms should have a round table! And this room has space for a sofa in the bay window - even better.

I also love a sofa used as dining table seating, so chic and attractive.

The tufted hanging back cushion for this banquette is perfection.

Kitchen Support Players

Everything about this space is charming. The light fixture, the cafe curtains, marble countertops, farm sink, skirted cabinet fronts, floor, and blue grey color all work together perfectly.

This small pantry is big in appeal. I think everyone could use one of these! I know I could.

Sink(ing) Feelings

Are stone sinks the new "it" sinks? These three sure build a great case!

Lauren Buxbaum Gorder of Nate Berkus

The wallpaper in this powder room is calling my name. Love.

The pink tile in this bathroom is so sweet and I especially like that the built in cabinetry and baseboard are painted pink too.

This double "X" bench has found its perfect home, I really like the way the fabric works in the bathroom too.

Window Magic

Bryan Graybill knows how to pick and paint windows! Here are two examples.

The hardware used for the window pulls in this room is inspired (and clever).

The transoms above these windows and door really up the wow factor of this kitchen by several notches.

Parting Thoughts

There is an antique store near my house that often has depth finder boards for sale and every time I see them, I think I should buy one and this image makes me want one even more. Vintage, unusual, and attractive - my favorite combination.

I love these sconces used as picture lights, another unique and extremely attractive choice.

That's it for July. I will be back at the end of August to "mention" some more design wonders. Enjoy your August.

Thank you for reading,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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