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Feature Fever

Hello. I have a thing for fireplaces apparently. This is third Feature Fever post where I am talking about my love and desire for a fireplace of some sort. The first time was about having a fireplace in the kitchen, the second time was about a fireplace with a mid-century flare that has an exposed chimney pipe. Today, I am talking about a "see through" fireplace - a fireplace that serves two rooms. In college, I went with a friend to visit his aunt and uncle at their house in Connecticut. The house had a fireplace that you could see through and when lit provided a fire for both the living room and dining room. It was my favorite part of the visit lol. That fireplace planted a seed that has been growing for years. I have the fever for a fireplace like that.

I think of "see through" fireplaces as being more prevalent in modern spaces. To start off though, I will share some "see through" fireplaces that are in more traditional feeling rooms.

This is gorgeous. I love the simplicity of the plaster on the fireplace.

Holly Shipman Interior Design, photo source

You can see through to the kitchen in this one - that would cure two of my fevers at once!

W Design Collective, photo source

This fireplace serves both the living room and the sunroom.

Jean Stoffer Design, photo source

This stone columned fireplace welcomes you in the entry and in the living room.

Studio McGee, photo source

On to the more modern feeling "see through" fireplace.

These first two make me think of 1960s cocktail parties. They are such cool looking spaces.

Peter Dunham & Associates, photo source

Nate Berkus, photo source

This house is in Alys Beach, Florida and is amazing! I actually posted recently about my dream to live in Alys Beach and this house would do just fine!

Jeffrey Dungan, photo source

Some dark ones....

Surround Architecture, photo source

photo source

And a pink one! This space really makes me think of a swinging sixties party!

Alba Fuente and Resinger Studio, photo source

Ending on a see through fireplace that links to the outside. Baby, it's cold outside (or it was!)

Alma Homes, photo source

What do you think of see through fireplaces? Do you have the fever now too? I still do!

I will be back tomorrow with a Comfort Food Friday post. See you then.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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