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Dream Home

Hello. Today should be the day that I post an update on the state of the renovation on my own house (The Sixth House: Renovation Update series). If I did that, it would be like a Seinfeld episode though - all about nothing! Given the lack of progress lately, I found myself thinking, if I could be living anywhere right now, where would I go? Today the answer is the Rosemary Beach/Alys Beach area of the Florida panhandle. We vacationed there last spring break and I have wanted to live there ever since. The towns, although almost right next door to each other are quite different. Rosemary Beach has a quaint, cottage-y feel - I think of it as Florida's take on the Town of Nantucket and Alys Beach has a Mediterranean/Aegean Sea area vibe - all of the homes are white stucco and gorgeous. I would take a home in either one though, they are both stunning and calming.

This is definitely a Dream Home scenario presently. The homes in these towns are quite expensive. A girl can have goals though, can't she!?! It's a goal for sure to have a home in this area. There is almost nothing on the market in these towns, just like the majority of the country, despite the price point. I did manage to find one house (it is the only house on the market in town) that I would be quite happy with in Alys Beach though. Any house on the market would do just fine actually (and apparently in this case).

Here are some photos from the listing.

This is the front. The house is at the end of a line of houses with a walking path that meanders through. There are alleys behind the homes in Alys Beach for parking.

It has its own pool.

The house is three floors. The main level is basically one open living space that wraps the pool area.

There is a rooftop patio with a fireplace! Dream for sure!

I will wake up to this view any day!

What do you think? Would you like a house in Alys Beach too? Someday....

I will be back tomorrow with an It's All In The Details post. See you then.

Thank you fro dreaming with me today, Kerry

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