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Feature Fever

Hello. My first two Feature Fever posts were about fireplaces. Today I have the fever for old wood floors. When The Farm, my family's place in West Virginia was built in the 1990s, we used simply stained pine boards for the flooring throughout the house and when The Bunkhouse was built twenty years later, we used pine boards for the flooring in there too. The floors gave an instant sense of history and permanence to the spaces; and they provide such an ease of living in the buildings. They do not need to be babied by any means. I loved them on day one and I have loved them ever since.

I am in the process of picking wood floors for my current house renovation and every image I have saved for inspiration contains old floors. Floors that are planks of wood installed side by side, without tongue and groove interlocking. My search has infected me with a high fever for old wood floors throughout my house. (I think on full examination I actually have the fever for an old house lol).

I would take any of these floors in a minute, regardless of board width, stain color, or wood type. They are all gorgeous!

More of a Raw Finish

deVol, photo source

photo source

photo source

photo source

More of a Honey Colored Stain

A Darker Hue

Neptune, photo source

My fever is raging now! Is it contagious!?! Are you feeling a touch of it? So much beauty. I will be back tomorrow with March's edition of Wallpaper Love. See you then.

Thank you for reading today, Kerry

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03 Μαρ 2022

I luv pickled floors

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Kerry Moylan
Kerry Moylan
07 Μαρ 2022
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Me too!

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