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Feature Fever

Today's post is the second one in the Feature Fever series - a series where I talk about a feature in a home that I would love to have in my own or incorporate into a design. In the first edition, I talked about my deep seated desire to have a fireplace in the kitchen. A fireplace or multiple fireplaces in a home is always at the top of my wish list and today I am going to talk about my fever for another fireplace - a certain type of fireplace - that I have loved and wanted since I was a small child.

My family has had a farm in West Virginia for over fifty years. I have posted about it here and here. The original house on the property, which we call "The Little House" had a yellow (porcelain finish) mid-century fireplace with an exposed chimney pipe in the corner of the living room. It was similar to this orange/red one for sale on Etsy, only bright yellow:

My best friend in fifth and sixth grade had the same one my family had at The Little House in the sunroom of her house in Michigan, only in white. I always loved the fireplace. My parents eventually removed the yellow one at The Farm because it was not in the greatest shape and replaced it with a traditional fireplace on an outside wall. We moved from Michigan when I was going into seventh grade so I no longer got to visit the white fireplace at my friend's house on a daily basis. I was sad about losing them both then and I still miss those fireplaces today!

When I first moved into my family's current house in Ohio, an exposed chimney fireplace was on my wish list. A company called Malm makes both wood burning and gas fireplaces that are similar, you can also find vintage ones. Although I love the idea of having one, there really is not a great place for one in my current house. That does not keep me from having the fever though!

Here are some pictures of fireplaces of many shapes and sizes that have exposed chimney pipes. Seeing the incorporation of these into designs keeps my fever raging. The feature that most appeals to me with these fireplaces is that you can see the fire burning. Although "pot belly stoves" are similar in that they have an exposed chimney pipe, you cannot see the fire within. Watching a fire is my favorite part of relaxing by it.

This fireplace in front of a long line of windows is so attractive with its built in firewood storage/display shelf that spans the entirety of the windows.

photo source

This is another very attractive "window" fireplace seen from inside in the first picture and from outside in the second.

photo source

This fireplace makes a handsome statement in this room.

photo source

This fireplace reminds me of a wizard's hat.

photo source

The fire is raging in this fireplace and it makes this room look so cozy.

photo source

The small wire basket for firewood suits the scale of the fireplace perfectly in this room.

photo source

These next two images show fireplaces that are most similar to the look of the fireplace I fell in love with in my youth.

photo source

photo source

Exposed chimney pipe fireplaces are perfect for in front of a window, for an interior wall where venting access above is readily available, and for adding a fireplace to a room well after the house has been constructed. These fireplaces also can work with any decor style. My fever burns on (pun intended). I will be back tomorrow with a Wallpaper Love post.

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