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Feature Fever

This is the fourth post in this series where I talk about a design element that I am "hot" for, pardon the pun. In the last post I talked about wood flooring, specifically old (or old looking) boards. I still have the fever for those and on top of that today I am talking about my fever rising further with the added symptom of veiny countertop lust.

There are two options I tend to look at specifically for "veiny" slabs. Marble, which is a mineral and Quartzite, which is formed from sandstone. The two surfaces can look very similar and both are beautiful. Marble is more porous and soft, while Quartzite is hard and far more durable. The cost for the slabs are generally very similar when looking specifically for heavily veined, artistic pieces and they are both at the high end of countertop choices. Nonetheless, I have the fever for them.

When you look through the images below, I think you will see why!

I love the way the veins in the slabs in the next two images seem to gather in the center above the range and cascade out from there.

This stone with the amber notes is my favorite.

The gray and white stone looks so pretty with black and brass.

It looks so pretty with greens and brass too.

R & G, photo source

I love how the veiny stone is used for backsplashes only in this kitchen - behind the range and on the face of the island - bold and beautiful.

This stone has beautiful coloring and it is all over the kitchen, mixed with a separate and dramatic slab behind the range. Wow!

The backsplash in this kitchen adds a tremendous amount of drama to the space. Really cool.

The sink, the sink! Beautiful.

I love the tall border of windows around the kitchen and how the black and white scheme is echoed in the pretty countertops.

deVol, photo source

Gorgeous island.

The counters are a slightly modern touch in this vintage inspired kitchen. Charming.

deVol, photo source

I heard someone say yesterday that what they paid for their countertops was equal to purchasing a really nice car. She quenched her fever! Yikes. These veiny countertops make a statement and it is quite possible to include them in a small way in your space without taking out a loan!

I will be back tomorrow with a Comfort Food Friday post - sharing my new favorite, and very easy, pasta recipe. See you then.

Thank you for reading today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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