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Monday Mentions

Happy Monday! It has been a long time since I blogged. End of summer traveling and getting back in the school days routine seems to have gotten me off track. I hope you are well and that you have had a wonderful end to your summer and start to the fall.

I have some great inspiration to share today, so I will get right to it. I have broken the images into categories of sort.

Entryway Magic

The sightline from this gorgeous round antique table into the library is what entryway dreams are made of. The rustic floors, the blue and white vase on the table, the peak of pocket doors, the fabric on the chairs, and a wall lined with books and windows! What more could you ask for to welcome you home?

These next two entryways both have baskets of firewood in them and if that is one of the first things you see when walking in the door, you know the house is going to be cozy and welcoming!

The mirror over this console table is stunning.

Living Large

The menagerie of furniture, fabrics, and artwork, coupled with the bold color on the walls, make this room gorgeous.

photo source

This room is quintessential English charm. The mix of fabrics on the furniture and curtains, the color on the walls, the ottoman coffee table, reading lamp, antique side tables, and the layering of the rugs are perfection.

Kickin' A** Kitchens

How can you go wrong with a sofa in the kitchen? These next two kitchens clearly answer that question with "you cannot"! Love, love, love them both.

I don't think you can go wrong with dark cabinetry in a butler's pantry either. These dark greeny-gray walls of glass fronted cabinetry provide a stunning sightline into the white kitchen.

These Desks Work

I am drawn to the simplicity of these desks and their styling. Striking.

Curvy Chairs? Yes, Please!

I am a huge fan of mixing different furniture periods together, and never more so than when curvy mid-century-esqe chairs are used with antiques - the ultimate mix in my opinion! Check out the next three rooms to see if you agree!

I have mentioned before (for example here and here) that I love wicker and metal chairs. I covet these chairs! One day I will have chairs like this! It's an obsession.

Laundry Love

Noel Pittman Design designed the laundry room at the Kips Bay Show House in Dallas and it is phenomenal. I would do laundry in here, heck, I would live in it as a studio apartment in New York City! Love, love, love.

Bedroom Beauties

This bedroom is layered and lovely. It looks as though it has taken years to come together and has become an old friend - the perfect way for your house (and bedroom) to feel.

The wallpaper enveloping this room is delightful - it provides a true touch of sophistication to this child's room (as do the sconce choices!).

Things I Just Like

I love the shades in this potting room.

I love the wicker bench in this banquette.

I love this piece of furniture.

I love this ottoman - bamboo gets me every time!

I love a bold painting in the bathroom.

photo source

And for the exterior, I love white houses that have one or more areas/rooms highlighted with dark millwork.

I hope you're feeling inspired to tackle this Monday! Have a great one.

Thank you for dropping by today,


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Oct 13, 2022

You are very inspiring!! Never would have thought to put a 'bold' painting above a bathtub, but digging it!



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