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Monday Mentions

Hello! I am changing the name of Manic Monday to Monday Mentions. I plan to write a Monday post twice per month sharing ideas, rooms, and images that inspired me and the reasons why in hopes that they inspire you too. Since they will not be as frequent, it seemed to make sense to drop Manic from the title. Perhaps I'm overthinking....wouldn't be the first time!

Here is what I have gathered since last I did a Monday post.

Making an Entrance

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The rug, the paneling on the walls and ceiling, the chairs, the mirror, the artwork, the lighting, the shape of the table, the sightline into the library with the raffia chair and matching floral fabric on said chair and library sofa. This entire space is gorgeous. GORGEOUS.

The French doors and screen doors provide a welcoming passage both in and out of this beautiful entryway. I love the width of the space, the bleached wood on the walls and ceiling and the artwork and styling of the hall table. So pretty.

My parents had a table almost identical to this in the entryway of almost every house we lived in growing up. My older brother has the table now. I really like the way this table is styled, especially the blue and white garden stool and stack of books under the table.

I love this blue chest and the simplicity of the picture light over the painting is perfection.

The sightline from the library into this entrance is exquisite. I love the walled stairwell and the quartet of blue artwork. The chair, stool and table look like a museum installation. Love this!

Decor Amor

I am a fan of unusual and unexpected items being used as artwork/wall decor and this trombone fits the bill perfectly. Doesn't it look so cool? I also love the red frames on the artwork between the window and door.

These tennis rackets make great artwork too.

These stacked paintings are very attractive paired with the textured headboard and wicker lampshade.

The band of tile backsplash underneath the lower open shelf is charming.

I have mentioned before that any time your room has extra wall space and depth if you can add in cabinetry for storage that looks intentional and attractive, you should do it. This blue cabinetry is proof!

source unknown

Take a Seat

The duo of warn fabrics on this chaise looks delightful.

The navy painted rattan chair and ottoman bases are stunning.

Everything about this porch is welcoming and relaxing. The swinging daybed is calling my name!

Green with Envy

I noticed mossy green being used as an accent paint color in several spaces and it looks great in all of these.....

This kitchen cabinetry.

This pocket door.

This wall of wardrobe cabinetry.

And this garage door.

Dining Delight

I covet these chairs. No other way to say it. One day I will have chairs like this in my house. It is true love.

The plaster walls, mix of furniture, and lantern work together to make this one special dining room.

I love the contrast of these chairs and this marble topped island table. So handsome.

Bathing Beauties

The shelves and paneling in this bathroom are the ideal surround for this clawfoot tub.

This chest makes an elegant vanity. I love the way the lines of the chest echo the lines of the mirror frame too.

That is the end of this edition of Monday Mentions. I will be back tomorrow with an Inspiration for my Renovation post. See you there.

Have a great start to your week.

Thank you for reading today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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