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Manic Monday

It seems like yesterday I was posting the first Manic Monday post of January and now I am posting the last one for this month on the last day of the month, nonetheless. Onward and upward - coming for you February! There is a lot of beauty and inspiration this week.

I am a huge fan of using large scale artwork in design and these next two spaces use large paintings to perfection.

Do not be afraid to go behind furniture if the piece is really big.

Colorful rooms are happy rooms. The mix of fabrics in this room as seen on the chair and on the daybed (in the mirror reflection) welcome you right into this space.

If you have room in your kitchen to add a sofa, I say go for it! The kitchen is the heart of the home and the more homey it is, the better. This corner sofa is the perfect spot to sit to keep the cook company or to take a break if you are the cook.

The artwork in this corner is arranged so well. This mix of different frames, between the wall and wallpapered bookcase, filled with graphic images and landscapes is beautiful.

The use of this long table as a side table bridging back to back sofas, and also as a bar, is very clever and attractive.

All of the low (to the ground) profile furniture in this monochromatic room is extremely calming and very inviting. This room feels very sophisticated to me. If you are invited into this room you must be cool, because the room sure is.

This kitchen gives off the same type of vibe as the living room above. Simple elegance.

The vaulted tile ceiling in this kitchen is amazing.

This rustic powder room is stunning. The old table used for the sink, the wood walls, the worn mirror, antlers on the wall, and the tin container on the floor holding toilet paper (seen in the reflection of the mirror on the door) all work perfectly together. I prefer to use a basket or container of some kind for toilet paper in the bathroom over a traditional holder on the wall when there is space. There is nothing worse than walking into a bathroom with almost zero toilet paper (insert your own story here). A container allows you to bring a stylish element into the room and remove the fear of running out of toilet paper!

The sink area in this powder room certainly makes the best use of the small space. The curving of the vanity to follow the lines of the vessel sink creates great character, as do the sconces and statement mirror.

I have been drawn to square tile lately and the combination of this muted square shower tile with the patterned shower floor is stunning.

The square tile in this bathroom gives a completely different vibe, rather than subtle, it packs a punch and the log wallpaper adds to that lively feeling.

This framed tub backsplash is a really cool idea. It would allow you to add your personality to a bathroom by customizing it with your choice of tile and frame shape/size.

Using the same tile on the main floor and in the shower in this bathroom is so attractive. This room makes me think of the On Trend Tuesday post on pink tile.

This bedroom, that appears to be in a beach house based on the view through the windows, is so well layered. This mix of fabrics and colors is fantastic. This is my favorite way to make a bed too - a down comforter folded at the foot of the bed atop a blanket on which the top sheet is folded over so it is visible beyond the pillows at the head of the bed - so inviting. And a beautiful bedskirt is the bow on top (or bottom in this case;-)).

This walk in closet is gorgeous. I love the idea of having a vintage table in the middle of the closet, rather than an island made to match the cabinetry, if you have the room for it - and this closet certainly has the room for it!

photo source

These window treatments are charming.

This last space is a masterclass in styling. Every element is perfection. The mix of black and white photos is stunning and everything about the table is magnificent. The actual table, the chairs (the chairs!!! love, love, love), the vase, candles, book stacks, decorative objects - all fantastic. Achieving this feel is certainly something to aspire to.

This ends this week's Manic Monday curation. I hope you are feeling manic inspiration to start your week! I will be back tomorrow with an Inspiration For My Renovation post. Until then....

Thank you for reading today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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