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Manic Monday

Hello! I present to you the first Manic Monday post of 2022! This post features the design elements and details that caught my eye over the past two holiday weeks. There is a plethora of ideas and inspiration so I will get right to it to allow you to feast on all of the beauty to come :-).

Elevating Elements.

This wall of distressed blue cabinetry and its hardware stopped me in my tracks. This kitchen is a stunner.

The floor in this breakfast room makes a real statement and certainly eliminates the need for a rug.

I love the layering in this space, particularly the footstool and ottoman by the sofa, and the mix of vibrant colors. This is a very inviting family room indeed.

The mix of painted and stained wood on the paneled wall behind the sofa in this family room is uber-attractive.

This door is gorge(ous).

The placement of these lanterns, not centered over the main dining table, is unexpected and works so well, I think.

I love these bifold French doors!

This industrial looking and very large kitchen island is awesome in every way.

These in-progress stairs are amazing.

The stone on this kitchen island is to die for.

This kitchen island stone is also killing me (in a good way)!

I love, love, love the entire vibe of this room. I would love to be sitting in it right now, wouldn't you?

Paint color crushes.

The glossy blue gray and glossy red pocket doors in this room combined with the navy trim on white walls in the adjoining room are paint goals for sure.

I have never met a navy room I didn't love and I am enamored with the way the trim on the window matches the blue millwork in this office space.

There is something about the color of the walls in this office that really draws me in, perhaps it is the way the color complements the screen in the dining room? This space just plain works, beautifully, period.

Bathing Beauties.

This bathroom is fantastic. I love the wood trim, the shade, the lighting and the shower tile. The styling on the vanity is also superb. So much inspiration in this space!

This powder room is filled with "jewelry" - the light fixture, mirror, and faucet hardware all shine; and the wood vanity top pairs so well with the blue walls. Pretty, pretty.

A breath of fresh air.

These steel front doors are quite welcoming!

photo source

I love the lines of this house, the colors, and the long front steps - so attractive!

Mixed materials and colors are my favorite for exterior design and the combination of the white carriage house (with the awesome shutters) and this stone home is perfection.

The beginning of a new year feels full of promise just as the inspiration in this Manic Monday post does! I will be back tomorrow with an Inspiration for my Renovation post. See you then!

Thank you for visiting today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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