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On Trend Tuesday

Decorative (non dining) tablecloths. Are they back? Did they ever fully go away? This is the subject of today's On Trend Tuesday post.

When I got my first apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey right after college in 1990 (yikes), through my following apartments, and up to my Second House in Chevy Chase, Maryland (I moved from that house in 2003) at least one side table with a decorative tablecloth was on my must have list when decorating my homes. I purchased plywood tables from Bed Bath and Beyond or similar type stores - the kind that had three legs that screwed into the bottom of the table top. Do you remember those?!?!? I put the tables next to chairs, sofas, and beds with patterned tablecloths from the same type of stores made to fit the size of the table. I loved, loved, loved the look. Then it fell out of favor for me and I really started to focus on antique tables instead.

I have been noticing decorative tablecloths all over lately. Decorative tablecloths have been used as long as there have been tables, no doubt. The use of them falls in and out of vogue though, and as far as I can tell, they are back in favor in a big way. The images I have curated for this post have me wanting these types of tables all over again - only this time custom made cloths with the perfect fabric and a more sturdy table!

I have seen a plethora of decorative clothed tables in entry halls, living rooms and bedrooms. Some round, some rectangle, some with tassels, some with trim, some with glass tops, some without the glass, some with tiered fabric, some solid, a lot patterned. A "trend" you can make your own for sure. Take a look!

Entryway Elegance

A Splash of Style in the Room

Side Table Sophistication

Bedside Beauties

How are you feeling about adding a decorative tablecloth to your decor scheme? There are so many options from placement in the home, to the level of formality, to the fabric choice(s). Definitely something to consider, especially if you have a table you don't particularly like the look of, but the size is just right - turn it into something you love!

I will be back tomorrow with a Thank You Note post, please join me.

Thank you for being here today,





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