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Wallpaper Love

Happy Friday. I am starting a new feature today, much like I have Library Love, I have a deep love of wallpaper. Wallpaper fell out of favor years ago and I am happy to say it has been working its way back and I think has now totally arrived! There are so many beautiful patterns available, and a lot of them come in peel and stick which is then removable from companies like Rifle Paper Co., Anthropologie, and Indigo Design Co. to name a few. You can make a significant impact without a significant commitment and if you're handy you can do it yourself.

I am planning to wallpaper my younger daughter's bedroom when the renovation of my current house is complete and the paper we chose is this from Indigo Design Co. You can read the post here. We were considering a number of different options and they are all worth checking out. I am also planning to use wallpaper in the dining room, mudroom, powder room and master bath WC of my house. As a result, I have been spending a lot of time looking at wallpaper options. In Wallpaper Love posts I will share some of my favorite inspiration photos for wallpaper.

I will start with this wallpaper that works almost as a neutral. It does not fight with the photographs on the wall or the fabrics on the sofa, it just looks meant to be.

designer Ariel Okin, photo source

This image is from a house for sale on Cheap Old Houses. This wallpaper is not new by any means. It is current though. If this wallpaper were available today I would find a way to use it!

This is such a cheery wallpaper that adds a real wow factor and it plays well with others. The artwork looks great on these walls with the paper background.

designer Lisa Stone Design, photo source

This orangey-red wallpaper is perfect for a large room with its large pattern. This would be great in an entry hall or large dining room. So pretty.

designer Calderon, photo source

I love this Schumacher wallpaper. This room is Move In Ready. I wouldn't change a thing - love. The way the mantel is nestled between the bookshelves is so attractive.

designer Cafiero Select, photo source

Powder rooms are the perfect place for wallpaper - maximum impact in a minimal space. These two powder rooms are stunning.

Another great spot for wallpaper is the dining room. Following are one done and one in progress. I love the way the palm artwork complements the wallpaper in the first and I love the dark trim in the second.

designer Heidi Caillier, photo source

I am becoming a true fan of mural walls and walls that become a scene that continues throughout a room. Either hand painted or wallpapered.

This shimmery paper is beautiful.

designer Young Huh, photo source

This fields and woods scene is gorgeous. This is another Move In Ready room for me and the sightline through the front hall to the living room make me think the entire house is Move In Ready. The floors are making me swoon and the cascade of colors from the blue on the mural to the rust in the hall to the lighter blue in the living room is truly beautiful. Did you notice, the front door has a transom window above?

designer McGrath II, photo source

This wall is exquisite.

designer Jeremy D Clark Studio, photo source

A child's bedroom is the perfect spot for a one wall scene.

designer Erica Mueller Home, photo source

The mural over this fireplace is charming.

designer Home Ec, photo source

The next two images are pictures of murals in the farm house at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm that I took when I was in Maine last week. They are murals of the property and are so attractive. I think they would make a great addition to any home, not just a museum home.

That's a wrap on the first installment of Wallpaper Love. I will be back for Manic Monday. Happy Weekend.

Thank you for stopping in today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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