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Library Love

Hello and happy Friday! The end of the month is nearing and around here that is synonymous with a Library Love post. Libraries are most often my favorite room in a house, whether it is a dedicated library space or the addition of bookshelves just about anywhere, it's a library to me and I generally love it.

Here is the round-up for April.

Peaking My Interest

The first five libraries all have peaked ceilings.

The vibe of this entire space is outstanding!

Plenty of light for reading in this library.

Bedtime stories galore in this sweet bedroom.

Another space with an overall amazing vibe.

This space is so cool. I love the concrete wall and floor, the artwork, and the shelving. The "Not For Deposit" artwork actually reminded me that I have seen this space before. It is the home of Cliff Fong (the designer for Matt Blacke, Inc.) and he was featured on season two of Magnolia Network's Designer Point of View series. If you have not checked out that series, I highly recommend it.

Modern Mood

This all over wood library is sleek for sure.

I really like the simple lines of these shelves and the echo in wood tone found in the rug, sofa, and coffee table.

Traditional Slant

These next five are traditional libraries.

The first is a formal, wood paneled library - how can you go wrong!?!

photo source

This is a lively library.

This is formal, parlor type library that gives off a regal feel.

The shelving feels quite formal in this room, the seating is quite inviting though. A room for reading and for conversation.

photo source

This library is filled with all tall "coffee table" type books - great for those who prefer to look at pictures over reading! I really like the combination of the muted color on the walls and shelving with the blue, red, and green fabrics. This is a cozy library.

photo source

Desk Reading

A blue, high gloss library/office will always win my heart.

This library makes me think of a psychiatrist's office or confessional of sorts. The person with something to get off her chest sits in the chair and talks without being seen while the person sitting at the desk listens. Do you think that too when you look at this space?

photo source

Do These Count?

This is a wallpaper "library". A library in name only?

This roving library in Italy is charming.

photo source

True Library Love

This library is gorgeous. I have always loved the combination of blue and white fabric and accessories with chocolate brown walls. And I really like the way all of the furniture is the same blue and white fabric in here. I would put this entire room in my own house and not change a thing. Love, love, love this library.

That's all folks. Happy weekend. See you back here for Manic Monday.





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