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Manic Monday

Hello! Happy first Monday of April. I hope you had a great weekend. At my house we are getting back into the regular routine after one week off from school for spring break. I can tell you it doesn't feel like spring here in Ohio, I hope it does where you are. For the break, we went to North Carolina to visit John's sister, her husband, and John's mom and then headed to Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia for a few days. It felt like spring there! Beautiful cities.

Here is what I have gathered for this Manic Monday.

A lovely room to begin the post. The stacked artwork on the mantel, the beams, wood doors, and comfortable linen furniture all say come in, relax.

I really like the way the curves in the ceiling, glassware cabinet on the wall and the island table legs play together in this bold kitchen.

When we were moving to Ohio the only house that came on the market that I loved and wanted to buy was an early 1980s modern house. There were around twenty offers on it and clearly we did not get it. There was a porch off of the kitchen shaped like the kitchen below. If we had bought the house my plan was to incorporate the porch as part of the kitchen. It would have been amazing. This breathtaking kitchen makes me long for the house that got away. Isn't this cool?

m.elle, photo source

The next four kitchens have very attractive, open display cabinetry. This first one has glass fronted cabinets that look like display cabinets you would see in an old pharmacy or general store. Really pretty.

The next three have open shelving that are very big steps above just taking the cabinet doors off of existing kitchen cabinets.

I love the pass through to the main kitchen here.

These shelves have mirrored backs which reflect light and add depth.

This kitchen mixes vintage narrow shelves for glassware on one wall with shelves "that match" the cabinetry on the refrigerator wall. So, so pretty.

The next four images reinforce my love of color and pattern. As much as I love the room that started today's post, I am more drawn to a room with "action" when designing.

A library with wallpaper, floral, paisley, and a patterned rug....what's not to love?

These next two rooms are quite similar, aren't they? Reds and pinks are the connective tissue in these spaces. The common color threads allow the mix of patterns to become harmonious.

The patterned red tiles on the bottom and purple tiles on the top in this bathroom create a beautiful space.

This painting is gorgeous.

photo source

I have said many times before that artwork is not defined by a frame. This tapestry is so attractive hung above this console table.

photo source

This collection of steaming plates for larger casserole dishes makes for a beautiful wall of art.


The curved millwork on the mantel seen in this image is unusual and unexpected - my favorite combination. Very attractive indeed.

This is very attractive bathroom storage, almost like a dining room buffet, and the curved niche for the cabinetry echoes the curved shower space to its left.

Staying in the bathroom to finish the post. The towel racks incorporated into the sink space in these two bathrooms are practical and quite attractive.

I love this soapstone sink too. Love.

m. elle, photo source

This is the end of the Manic Monday tour. I will be back tomorrow with an all new On Trend Tuesday post. See you there. Enjoy your day.

Thank you for joining me today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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