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Wallpaper Love

Hello and happy April! This is my 200th blog post, no fooling. I wanted to mark this milestone by announcing that I am officially open for business! I have set up the LLC for my design business - kerry dorsey moylan design - and I am ready and excited to accept clients. I want to share my love of design, my eye, and my expertise to help clients: you! create a dream room or home that "speaks to you". There is a list of my services on this website and a contact form to get the process started. Please tell one, tell all! I am here to help!

On to the blog post....

This month's edition affirms my love of wallpaper in a powder room as most of the images this month are indeed from powder rooms. I have advised many times before that the powder room is both the best place to experiment with wallpaper and the space that gets the most impact from a lively wallpaper.

Before I get to the powder rooms, I will begin with some abstract patterned wallpaper.

The mauve wallpaper on this dining room ceiling is fantastic.

The muted colors and random shapes of this wallpaper make quite a statement. The vignette is perfectly styled for the spirit of the wallpaper too!

On to the powder rooms....

The hand towel on the sink is perfection with this wallpaper. I love the way the scale of the paper looks different in the mirror than it does on the wall close up - this is a fabulous shot of fabulous wallpaper.

Another play on scale with the mirrored reflection of the paper. I am a huge fan of the framed intaglios visible in the mirror too. A set of antique intaglios in a frame has been on my wish list for a long time.

This wallpaper is so happy and I love the sink choice - what a fun space - perfect for a powder room!

Another beautiful bathroom, albeit with a more reserved aesthetic. The dark trim on the door, on the edges of the sconces and their shades, on the mirror supports, and on the horizontal paneling is a master class on details. This powder room is a beauty.

I started with wallpaper on a dining room ceiling and I will end with wallpaper on the ceiling of a full bath. This is a small space that makes a huge impression. Calgon, take me away! Beautiful.

I will be back with my 201st blog post on Manic Monday (the 30th Manic Monday post). Happy weekend.

Thank you for being here,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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