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Wallpaper Love

Bold is the name of the game today. This month large print, statement making wallpaper is what caught my eye and dominates this post. If you wonder if you should add wallpaper to your home, this post clearly answers that question with a YES and clearly shows, bolder is better.

This paisley wallpaper is a stunner to get the month of May's Wallpaper Love started. Paisley is a great choice in any form, by the way.

This orange papered dining room certainly gets your attention. Gorgeous.

This grasscloth wallpaper is fantastic. What a welcome!

Another beautiful welcome home. It is so attractive the way this wallpaper continues from one section to the next in this hallway.

This mural wallpaper turns a corner desk into a fantastical oasis.

This is pretty paper that is expertly installed. Note how the pattern remains intact within and outside of the "picture frame" molding. So often "picture frame" molding is painted the same color as the walls, it is lovely to see a room like this wallpapered.

photo source

I say in every Wallpaper Love post that if you are unsure about using wallpaper, the powder room is the place to start. These next four images are the proof in the pudding. Bold prints works wonders in small powder rooms.


Love, love.

Love, love, love. The antique, frosty mirror with the bold modern wallpaper print is superb.

This is actually the bathroom in the Hermès store in Washington, D.C. Love, love, love, love.

photo source

Once you have mastered wallpaper in the powder room, it is time to move into the "big girl" bathroom!

I love how the colors in the floor tile are reflected in the wallpaper in this bathroom and the way the two patterns play off each other. Sweet on the walls, spicy on the floors. Bold and beautiful.

This bathroom has my heart. The penny tile in the border atop the subway tile wainscoting is an endearing reflection of the floor and the contrast of the window in the shower against the tile is uber attractive (I thought at first it was painted pink, which I would have loved). On closer inspection, it looks like it may be a wood stain. Either way, great looking. And of course, need I mention the wow of the wallpaper? Probably not.

The window shade, in the same pattern as the wallpaper, is perfectly hung so the pattern meets up - it's all in the details! The mirror though takes this space to the next level. I have a lot of love for this bathroom!

Flowers in the bedroom are peaceful to look at and energizing for waking, as demonstrated in the next seven spaces.

Wow, the mix of patterns and bold colors in this bedroom make it a showstopper.

photo source

I'm not sure where this space is, it looks like a hotel room that I would be quite happy to stay in though.

photo source

Stepping away from the flowers, it is lovely the way this pattern (which is a textile used in place of wallpaper) repeats in both rooms. I have really been drawn to dusty pink lately too which draws me to this room even more deeply.

This wallpaper looks fantastic on the ceiling of the dormers as well as on the walls. If you like the pattern just go for it and hang it everywhere in an angled space - it will look amazing. Look and see!

Ending on a sweet and handsome note - this nursery with hot air balloon wallpaper and a hot air balloon "chandelier" is charming. This is a small space that makes a giant statement. Love.

photo source

I will be back on Manic Monday. Happy weekend.

Thank you for reading today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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