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Monday Mentions: June 2023

I cannot believe June is over! On one hand it seems like months since I wrote the May Monday Mentions post and on the other unimaginable that we are entering the middle of summer soon. Yikes.

Here are the images that caught my attention this past month. Remember, there is beauty everywhere!

I am a huge fan of, proponent of, cheerleader for sightlines. I love when you are seated or standing in a room and feel awed at the beauty surrounding you.

This kitchen, beautiful on its own, provides a stunning sightline to the family room beyond.

And this dining room, peeking into a sitting room and bar, provides a fantastic sightline to the beauty beyond. The paneling, then the beams, and then the green - gorgeous!

photo source

Here are some "moments" from rooms that are pretty all on their own (no doubt they have pretty sightlines too ;-)

We had a neighbor growing up who had a very formal house with a corner sofa similar to this in their living room and whenever I see seating like this I think of elegance (and the Snyder family).

I appreciate a lot about this pretty room. A few of those items are that It has only the seagrass rug - wall to wall nonetheless! - no layering of rugs, the spacious layout of the furniture, and the simplicity of the accessories. So lovely.

Who doesn't love a good chaise moment!?! The wicker lamp only makes me like it more :-).

I have always loved the idea of incorporating a sofa as part of a formal dining room's seating and this one, with the blue and white accessories, sure looks superb.

Speaking of blue and white, this dining room is over the top charming.

photo source

I really like the spacing between the cabinetry in this kitchen. It is reminiscent of the spacious feeling in the room I talked about above - there is something visually calming about the empty spaces.

I love a lot about this kitchen - the paint scheme around the door and windows, the depth of the window sills, the bookshelf, and the lamp on the counter to name a few. The beams and paneled ceiling aren't bad either lol

This office looks handsome. Love.

This desk looks substantial. Love.

I am a fan of twin bed bedrooms and this one is quite charming.

The board and batten type paneling in this hallway is so well done, the spacing above the doors is uniform and it leads seamlessly into the separate pattern in the stairwell. This is no easy feat! And the high gloss on the paint makes it all shine (pun intended :-)).

I covet these chairs.

photo source

June: out. On to: July.

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday.

Thank you for reading today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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