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Monday Mentions (on Tuesday)

Hello! I hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.

Are you feeling the summertime vibes? These next two images may help you get there if you're not there already.

I'll take the red chaise please!

photo source

Wouldn't this be a fabulous welcome to visitors on your porch while toasting summer with a lemonade?

photo source

This post will be short on words and heavy on beauty.

To start things off, a collection of "just so seating". I love when seating fits perfectly in its spot.

I have always wanted a sectional that fits perfectly into the corner of a room, just like this one. I am also drawn to the little painted chair. My mom always had one "little chair" in all of our house's family rooms no matter how old we (her children) were and it fills my heart with warmth to see one here.

These next three "just so seats" really do fit their spaces just so - Goldilocks would be impressed!

And who doesn't like a good banquette!?!

I always strive to make "statement spots" in my designs (much like I do vignettes) - a place in a room or hallway that stands on its own as a thing of beauty. These next three images are fantastic examples of "statement spots".

This chair vignette under the stairs makes a striking statement.

This entire space makes a statement - the matching, opposing sconces; the flared legs on the table, the antique chair, coat rack, bunny, basket, and artwork all draw your eye in in such a pleasing way.

A basket is always an"x" marks the statement spot.

This antique secretary and artwork on the floor make a wonderful statement. I am a fan of artwork being used in all sorts of ways and in all sorts of places.

This cabinet/desk is a statement all on its own. Love.

These next four rooms are full on, anywhere you look statements.

The antique sideboard and hutch in this room are gorgeous.

This room is just plain cool.

As is this room.....

Everything about this sunroom, added on to a home built in the 1800s, is spectacular.

So much can be accomplished with paint. I am always inspired to see how transformative paint is.

A room painted all the same color in different sheens for the walls and millwork is stunning.

photo source

A different color on the sash and grills only of a window is a great way to bring character to a room and in this case also extend the colorway of the fabrics in the room.

A darker color on the cabinetry and woodwork than on the walls is a great way to go too.....

Graphic/abstract/colorful/atypical (name your descriptive word) artwork is another way to completely elevate and/or transform your room. The next three images show the power of artwork.

The next several images are reminders that all spaces in your home have the potential to be beautiful, even if the room is for chores or storage or sleeping and no one really sees it except you.

A room like this to cut flowers from your garden? Yes, please.

photo source

A stunning, moody mudroom. Uh huh, I'll take take. Gorgeous.

I am guilty of giving almost zero attention to my own bedroom and focusing on all of the other rooms/spaces in my house. These next several images remind me that your own bedroom deserves some attention too because these are all lovely!

photo source

So cool how this headboard fits into the recess in the wall. Charming.

The last "lesson" I have been inspired by and am sharing with you this month is on "the wonders of tile". A creative use of tile - be it turning it into patterns, mixing different sizes and shapes, using it in unexpected ways, or a combination of all of these really make bathrooms shine.

Here are some examples!

This is actually wallpaper made from oyster shells that looks like tile. Love.

The tiled walls in this kitchen are stunning.

The finale of this post is not about paint or tile, it does make quite a statement though and is like a piece of artwork. The marble sink counter and backsplash in this bathroom are phenomenal. The way the veining on the marble works with the wallpaper has stolen my heart. So beautiful!

That's it for May's mentions. You can find previous months at this link.

Happy Summer and thank you for reading today,


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May 30, 2023

Sooo inspiring. Thanks.



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