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Manic Monday, On Tuesday

Hello there! I hope everyone enjoyed some extra rest time this past Labor Day weekend. The unofficial/official end (whichever way you slice it) to summer always makes me feel blue. Memories of going back to school at the end of the weekend are burned deep within me.

My family and I were traveling home from The Farm yesterday so Manic Monday has been moved to Early Morning Tuesday this week;-). Here are the things that caught me eye this past week. To start, I will share the pictures and ideas that are getting my wheels turning for my own renovation.

These are antique shutters used as doors, something like this could work really well in the hallway between my master bedroom and bathroom.

These next set of pictures I saved as visuals to talk through trim, soffit and fascia colors, as well as the gutter color with John for our house. We are still on schedule to have the exterior painted within the next several weeks so we need to finalize our choices and these pictures were quite helpful. Can you guess what color our house will be lol!?

This next one I saved because I am looking for exterior lights that have a wide mounting plate. Our house is stucco and the outside lights are mounted on plywood squares that are painted (in an attempt) to match the color of the stucco. John says he does not think it is possible to do away with the wood squares now, twenty-five years later, so I want to cover them up as much as possible rather than just paint them. I am hoping that maybe if the mounting plate is large enough we will be able to remove the plywood altogether and just cover the electrical opening which would be ideal. Fingers crossed. Time will tell.

I saved the next few images as dining room inspiration. In the first two, I love the lighting over the dining room table - in case we do not keep our old chandelier - you never know!

source: Veranda July/August 2021 Magazine

And this one I saved because I have not made a final decision on the chairs for our dining room. My current plan is to have Parsons chairs made to match two that I already own. If that proves to be more costly than purchasing new chairs, I want to have options in mind!

I saved this image because another thing I have in the back of my mind is to try a small table at the bench that will be built under the windows in my kitchen, nothing as large as this table, something large enough for a cup of tea for two, perhaps?

source: Architectural Digest Magazine July/August 2021

Now onto my never ending internal kitchen cabinet color debate... Two weeks ago I thought I was sold on Mouse's Back by Farrow&Ball, and now I'm giving this image a seat at the table, pun intended. Just goes to show that the decision is not final until the paint has dried!

The last image I saved with my own renovation in mind is another beautiful ceiling treatment to cover up the not so beautiful textured ceilings in my house. This one's a beauty for sure.

Moving on to images I saved for overall inspiration and admiration....

In this first one I loved these lights in the hallway, not what I would consider an obvious choice, or trendy by any means, and so attractive.

Then on the same day, I saw what appear to be the same lights in a kitchen. Perhaps these lights are on their way to becoming trendy! They are for sure very attractive in both settings!

I always consider painting the trim and/or doors in a house dark colors when I contemplate overall paint colors so I tend to save a lot of images as food for thought, like these:

I thought it was interesting and bold that the designer extended the bench and coat hook part of this built-in into the door frame. Something I might not have considered and really, really like. I will remember this for sure!

I also love the idea of building in a space to drop your keys, wallet, mail, etc. when you walk into a mudroom like this:

This is a bathroom renovation where the toilet previously had been right next to the tub and then was moved slightly by pushing into the next room. There was limited plumbing work needed and a small drywall job (aka not a huge expense) which made a world of difference for the bathroom. Great idea!

I love the mix of this kitchen. The modern elements - waterfall countertop of the island, the range hood, and the flat paneled cabinets - paired with reclaimed wood for the doors and beams works so well together - gorgeous.

source: Veranda Magazine July/August 2021

I'm so Inspired by the bold choice to use this patterned wallpaper on a sloped ceiling. I'm sure it was a lot of work for the wallpaper installer - beautiful end result!

source: Architectural Digest Magazine July/August 2021

I'm in love with the fabric on these armchairs - may I have them please!?!?!

source: Veranda Magazine July/August 2021

I love the look of artwork on an easel as room decor and this antique easel and painting are a beautiful pair.

I love the vibe of this room, particularly the ceiling. It looks like shiny cement to me - so good!

This entry is all around gorgeous. I love the simplicity, it is so welcoming and the balusters on the stairs are amazing. Entryway goals for sure!

Another welcoming entry. I love baskets just about anywhere!

These two images from the July/August Architectural Digest issue show an old Victorian house with a modern edition. My favorite design element on an exterior is mixed materials and this house elevates mixed materials with mixed eras too - amazing. So attractive.

The next two images I saved for landscaping inspiration. I love boxwoods and hydrangeas - the cornerstone to any great landscape plan in my opinion. And they are just as beautiful, if not more so, in pots!

source: Veranda Magazine July/August 2021

And now my favorite of the week. This room has the "starry sky" effect I mentioned in my Library Love post last week. The more you look, the more you see. This space has an obvious nautical theme and manages to exquisitely escape any traps that "theme" rooms can fall into. It is not cutesy and it is not overdone. It is measured, layered, attractive on first glance, and becomes more attractive the more you look.

I would love to hear about your favorites too and which images have inspired you. Please let me know!

While spending the weekend in West Virginia I thought it would be fun to share some more of the property with you so I will be back on Thursday with that. See you then!

Thank you for stopping by today,





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