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Library Love

It's Friday, let's celebrate with some Library Love! As you most likely know, I love bookshelves in a room. I think they might be the single greatest character building asset in any room. If bookshelves can be incorporated, they should be (in my humble opinion)! And once a room has bookshelves, no matter which room in your house, no matter the expanse of shelving, it becomes a library (of sorts)! I have a lot of beautiful shelved spaces to share this month so I will keep the words light and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Libraries in Passageways

The circular shelf space incorporated in the ceiling of this "hallway library" adds such great character and visual interest.

Sweet Shady Lane, photo source

A leaning tower of books!

Simay Demirel, photo source

Every available inch of wall space was used for shelving in this stairway library. It looks mythical, doesn't it?

Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay Interiors, photo source

It would be hard to walk through here without stopping. The dark walls and ceiling are stunning.

Scheer & Co. Interior Design, photo source

Libraries with Reading/Work Tables

If you have the space to add a table for working, reading, game playing, or puzzle building in your library, go for it! They add warmth and practicality to the space.

Thomas Burak Interiors, photo source

Nate Berkus, photo source

Branca, photo source

"Traditional" Libraries

Having a dedicated library in your home is lovely.

Kipling House Interiors, photo source

A safari inspired library. The wood shelves are amazing.

Grace Brackman Design, photo source

A library doesn't have to be big to be beautiful.

Gerald Pomeroy Interiors, photo source

This library is quite glamorous. The customized lighting over the shelves that matches the widths of the openings in the wall is spectacular.

Mendelson Group, photo source

The color of these walls! Gorgeous.

Tammy Connor, photo source

I am always impressed by libraries where the books are color coded.

photo source

You can never go wrong with touches of blue and white in your library shelves!

Mark D. Sikes, photo source

Office Libraries

These two office libraries have a similar vibe. They both give the impression that incredible creations come out of them.

Maldita Deco, photo source

Michaelis Boyd, photo source

Dining Room Libraries

Libraries that double as dining rooms (or dining rooms that double as libraries, I guess, depending on the time of day) invite you to linger, to me they foster the perfect atmosphere for lively during and after meal discussions.

photo source

Dunning & Everard, photo source

from Charlotte Moss' book Home A Celebration, photo source

m.elle design, photo source

Kitchen Libraries

I think bookshelves in kitchens are brilliant, they add a non essential (for cooking) creative element to the space, instantly making it more homey.

deVol, photo source

Liz Caan & Co., photo source

The Last Library

You don't have to look far to find a book to read before bed - a mini library is the perfect use of this nook space!

Nicholas G Potts, photo source

Happy weekend. I will see you back here for Manic Monday.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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