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Manic Monday, On Monday

Hello. Back on schedule this week with Monday's post sharing what caught my eye this past week. I did not look at any home magazines over the week - boy is that depressing - so these are all images I saw online.

The first two I saved are lighting inspiration.

I love this oversized light. It looks amazing in this living room and I think it could be equally incredible in a dining room with a round table or create such a visual statement over a kitchen island.

These next lights are actually for sale at the same store that was selling the coffee table in my Furniture Fever post last Friday. They are called Sea Urchin lampshades and I think they are truly "cool". Any room these are in would immediately up its cool factor by one hundred percent because they are unusual (in a good way), visually interesting, a talking piece, and textural.

The next two are bathroom inspiration.

This first one has a floating rattan vanity. It is gorgeous. Far from an expected choice in a bathroom and that is why I love it. It is a reminder to think outside of the (big) box (stores).

The next one I saved for the backsplash tile for the same reason I saved the vanity above, to keep in mind that using materials that do not automatically come to mind most times really pays off. This reminds me to always look deeper when considering tile.

The next two images are ideas for kitchens.

In this first one I love this pantry door. To me it looks like the designer took what was an ordinary closet and elevated it to match the cabinetry with the matching baseboard detail and cabinet color while still keeping the functionality of the closet. Brilliant and attractive!

In this next one, I thought this rolling list scroll was charming. I am old fashioned and still write lists all the time so this struck a chord with me.

I saved this dining room image because I think it is striking and again is a reminder to push the envelope a little, or a lot, if that is really what you want for your room. I can imagine some lively dinners and conversation in this room.

Moving outside now. I saved this image as inspiration for my own house for exterior lighting. I mentioned in last week's Manic Monday post that plywood squares were used to mount our exterior lights (on top of the house's stucco) and if I cannot remove the plywood, I want to cover it up. Something like these should do it!

These next two I saved because I love mixed materials/elements/colors on the exterior of homes. I think they add charm and amplify the curb appeal substantially.

I love outdoor sculpture of almost any kind which is why I saved this image. It is calming and attractive. Although the image gives me a bit of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" vibes, I see only good magic happening here!

Soon after I saw the image above, I saw an advertisement for these volcanic ash spheres by Ballard Designs. Although they are much smaller and not a unique sculpture per se, these still have my head working overtime on how to incorporate them somewhere in my yard.

I saved this image because of nostalgia. My family lived in a 1930s Mediterranean style home in Miami Beach when my brothers and I were in high school and college. The house had a separate entrance leading to the upstairs above the garage. I always thought it would be cool to use the stairs (which we did not do) and make them super attractive. This picture made me think of what it could have looked like.

Lastly, my favorite of the week! Ever since we have moved into our current house I have been playing around with the idea of putting shutters around the windows on the sides of our house, in addition to the windows on the front of the house. I have mentioned before that I only like to have shutters where they are the right size to actually "shutter" the windows (even if they are not truly functional). The left side of our house has three windows that could all fit shutters - two of them could have "traditional" shutters (one on each side of the window) and the other would need a large shutter on one side only that would be the same size as the window. The right side of our house has one large window with a smaller half circle window at the top of it above the garage. This is the window that had me questioning if it made sense to do shutters on the sides at all. The left side will also have another window that will be in the downstairs powder room once the renovation is complete. The powder room window would be able to have "traditional" shutters. The large window not so much. I have been doodling shutters on exterior pictures of our house trying to decide if I want John to make custom shutters for our non traditional windows and my favorite of the week has sealed the deal. Yes! We are going to have shutters in some form on both the sides and the front of the house where they are able to match the size of the window. (As an aside, there isn't room to hang shutters on the back of our house anywhere unless we used Bermuda shutters and I do not want to do that).

I cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I have talked it over with John (told him what he's doing) and he is totally on board. John said making the shutters is a winter project so I will update you on what I come up with when we are in the actual making them stage.

On a related note, I did post a video to Instagram yesterday to show the beginning stages of the exterior renovation of our house - some of the landscaping has been crudely chopped down to make room for the painters. Here is the link to the post if you want to check it out!

This is the end of Manic Monday for this week. I plan to be back tomorrow with another On Trend Tuesday post. See you then!

Thank you for being here today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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