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Manic Monday (On Tuesday)

Hello! I hope you had a great long weekend and good weather for the unofficial start of summer. Does summer mean slowing down for you or the opposite? Summer is always an adjustment to a different routine at the start for me and my family, and then it seems as soon as we are settled into the new pace and enjoying the longer days and relaxed feel, it is over (way too soon). This is a reminder to me (and maybe you too) to enjoy the days. Period.

I have a quick round up of "pretty stuff" to start your week off.

I really like the serene vibe of this room. It makes me want to lounge in it the way the lady on the table behind the sofa is!

I love, love, love the double shade window treatments in this room. The wood/bamboo blind mounted inside the window with horizontal "stripes" topped by the Roman shade on the exterior with a vertical pattern is beautiful. The artwork is amazing too.

Another window treatment worth noting - the draperies in this pretty bedroom. The white part of the panels are curtain length (as long as the window) and the grey panels turn them into draperies - a lovely, small detail with a big impact.

Speaking of beautiful bedrooms, this one is indeed beautiful. I love the curves of the headboard with dark (it looks maroon) nailhead trim that echoes the color of the quilt on the end of the bed. The crisp white linens, red and white on the lumbar pillow and the sconce shade that "speak to each other", and the pale blue linen tablecloth on the bedside table manage to bring everything together. This is a very attractive bedroom.

The last great idea to share this week is the placement of this Kohler wall mounted sink (or similar). This sink style mounted on the wall with a stepping stool below has become quite trendy for kid's bathrooms. I love the way the sink has been used as a drop in sink in this vanity with the decorative touch of a skirted front. This is prime On Trend Tuesday material - take something popular and put your own spin on it! I love this and I predict you will see this sink being used like this more and more.

This is the end of Manic Monday (on Tuesday) for this week. I will be back on Thursday with an Either Or post. See you then. Happy Tuesday.

Thank you for reading today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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