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Manic Monday

Hello. It is hard to believe that this Manic Monday starts the last week of October. Lately I have trouble remembering exactly what time of year it is without looking outside, and then to be sure, at the calendar. I call it pandemic-itis. Do you feel the same way? I do know when Monday IS though and I do know it is THE DAY for me to share inspiration from the previous week!

This past week I was mostly inspired by color and cool vibes.

I have always been a big fan of orange walls and this entry hallway designed by Bee's Knees Interior Design hits all the right notes to welcome guests into this home.

This dining room designed by Gerald Pomeroy is formal and fun at the same time. The purple lamp on the chest matches the random purple flowers in this gorgeous wallpaper perfectly. I would have high expectations for the food, company, and conversation if I were to sit down in this room!

This black kitchen in Warehouse townhouse is unexpected and stunning. I am blown away by the copper countertops and backsplash - amazing!

The whole vibe of this room by Leanne Ford is relaxed and creates a sense of longing for me - longing for a weekend house that is just for fun, not at all fussy. Wouldn't it be lovely to be sinking into this sofa right now?!

I thought the horizontal privacy wall in this patio space designed by Mowery Marsh Architects was extremely attractive.

Check out the entrance to the wine storage/cellar in this kitchen designed by Humphrey Munson - it is next level on the cool scale.

This next one is from a vendor display at Blue Hills at Roundtop in Texas. I saved it because it sparked an idea! The non-framed artwork in this image is hung on skirt hangers which made me think a horizontal board (that looks similar to the wood on these hangers) that hinges and would clasp securely on a piece of artwork would be such an attractive way to hang artwork, particularly children's artwork since new "masterpieces" come home from school all of the time. It certainly beats magnets on the fridge! I googled to see if I could find anything like what I am thinking about and could not - something to investigate creating for sure - if you know of something that already exists, please let me know!

My favorite of the week is this entry hall. It is a starry night. The beams, wood floors and stone walls are great bones that are enhanced by the artwork, light fixtures and curved glass door. I also really like the look the of the hutch nestled in front of the stair balusters. It shows that it should not be taboo to cover the stairs because this is gorgeous.

I am going to end with a couple more examples of checkered flooring, a trend I featured last week in On Trend Tuesday and continue to see popping up all over. This first one is in a kitchen pantry designed by Clark & Co Homes and what a lovely pantry it is.

The next three images are from a kitchen designed by Landed Interiors that was featured in the August/September 2021 issue of House Beautiful magazine. These are painted wood checkerboard floors, not tile, and fit this kitchen perfectly.

The "pantry hall" is wallpapered in one of the patterns I was considering for my younger daughter's bedroom in this post. I think this wallpaper looks great in any location/any room it is used.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. I will see you back here tomorrow to look at some inspiration for my own upcoming renovation.

Thank you for being here today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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