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On Trend Tuesday

Keeping in line with this month's It's All In The Details post, I have noticed a simple, rustic decorative element being used in decor and styling more and more lately. This item can work in just about any style home or room which leads me to put it in the On Trend category. As you know, I like "trends" that can be customized, not copied, and this one works in that vain for sure. What is it? It is the use of a stone jar as a decorative item in the home.

My Ode to the Stone Jar

You can use them on the floor

You can use them in decor

You can have one or more

Empty or not, plenty to adore

Dark or light

They are just right

The stone jar is simple and stunning in this entryway.

In this entry, the rustic jar fits in just fine with the overall elegant space.

A small stone jar is a great addition to a bookshelf.

The stone jars grouped on top of this armoire look quite handsome.

Stone jars filled with some type of branches/greenery/floral arrangement elevate any space where used, as seen in the next several pictures in a living room, two kitchens, one entryway and a dining room.

The next two images are both designs by Jason Arnold

photo source

photo source

I am a fan, how about you? I recommend adding stone jars to your list of things to look for when you are out antiquing, hitting the flea markets, garage sale-ing, and shopping for your home. They are versatile and bring character to any space. I will be back tomorrow with my March Book Report. See you there.

Thank you for reading today, Kerry




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