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Manic Monday

Hello! It is officially the middle of May - hard to believe! Yesterday was my younger daughter's sixteenth birthday. That is even harder to believe! By the end of this calendar year I will have two teenagers and one child that has reached her middle-twenties. Yikes. It was lovely to celebrate the birthday girl during a beautiful weekend. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

This past week my eye was drawn to some specific items. The first is sinks.

I love the simplicity of this sink, the rustic water lines, and the sleek black goose neck faucet. Charming.

The natural apron front stone sink that is not exactly square is gorgeous in this pantry, gorgeous.

Another beauty of a stone sink. The subway tile with its subtle color variation and handmade appearance, along with the wood shelves and light fixture, bring this bathroom to the next level. Beautiful.

The second item I was drawn to this past week is paneling.

This entry way is certainly welcoming. I particularly like the detail of the molding continued on the ceiling of the archway.

This space has paneling of different sizes, directions, and tones of white and looks stunning.

The paneling on the ceiling of this simple and stunning kitchen is calling my name. I also love the color of the cabinets!

This bathroom with its walls covered in horizontal nickel gap paneling is striking. The vertical striped panels on the cabinetry and shelving is also a great detail.

This bathroom's walls and ceiling are covered in reclaimed barn wood. This wood and its pattern detail make this bathroom feel like a rustic retreat.

The third thing I had my eye on was exteriors.

This house is gorgeous. I am a sucker for mixed material exteriors, the look of a collection of buildings being brought together, and cedar roofs. Doesn't it look like the bathroom right above could be in this house!?! (It isn't). I would move right into this house. Love.

Here is another house I would move right into! Blue shutters, pink flowers, white stucco? Yes, please, any day.

photo source

This courtyard is so attractive. I particularly like the shade of green used on the French doors. It complements the tiles very well and brings in the surrounding trees.

photo source

I will end with three rooms I really liked.

I love the mix of colors and fabrics in this living room.

photo source

This dining room is all around gorgeous. I really, really like the chairs.

And this bedroom is beautiful. I love the bedspread, (something I wrote about recently in On Trend Tuesday), the vintage Kantha quilt, and the embroidered lumber pillow. This is a perfectly made bed, in my opinion.

I will be back tomorrow with an all new On Trend Tuesday post. See you then. Happy Monday.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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