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Manic Monday

The first Manic Monday of December! I hope you are having a great one! Following are the images that truly inspired me for one reason or another over the past week.

I love the long, low, rustic bench behind this sofa. Often times I think people feel that a table behind the sofa should be just as high and just as long as the sofa and this is not necessarily the case - particularly when the table/back of the sofa are facing you when you walk into the room. This is extremely attractive and I really like the way some of the items on the table skim just over the top of the sofa.

A dark, moody room filled with books and artwork always speaks to me! This room makes me want to cozy right up in the corner of the sofa.

My love of glass walls continues! This dining room could have the doors open for a wide entrance into the room or closed for an intimate meal. Either way, it is gorgeous!

I really like the sightline that this window wall provides as a division between the kitchen and dining room. This combines the appeal of an open floor plan with the practicality of separate spaces.

This kitchen/family room pocket door division also provides the best of an open floor plan and separate spaces. These pocket doors can open completely to give the feel of a cased opening between the spaces or close completely to give each space its autonomy. This picture of the middle ground between the two extremes of open and closed is the best because these pocket doors are gorgeous and should be seen!

Very inspired by this monochromatic kitchen and the detail on the cabinetry and paneling on the walls and ceiling. There is a lot of texture, however it is soothing at the same time.

photo source

I love everything about this kitchen. The symmetry makes me so happy :-).

These bookshelves that make way for the bar necessities are charming.

This is a beautiful sightline. It has me feeling desperate to walk in to the space and see the rest of the kitchen. I am sure it is quite extraordinary!

The arched, tiled opening for this tub/shower provides so much character to this bathroom - something to consider replicating in someway for sure because it is so attractive. I also love the heavy gray veining in the marble with the dark cabinetry and geometric floor tile. Charm, charm, charm.

This is another great sightline. The sconce coming from the side wall to hang over the sink in this powder room is perfection.

I love the bone inlay mirror in this bathroom. I am a huge fan of using decorative mirrors in the bathroom over plain "bathroom mirrors" with thin frames. Unexpected, pretty mirror frames are a great way to add character to a bathroom.

It's all in the details! I love the three rows of dusty rose tile as the "baseboard" in the bathroom that you see from this angle. This is another great, and relatively inexpensive way, to add character to a bathroom.

Here is another inspiring bathroom sightline. I love the glimpse of the black walls and the black door open against the white walls in the bedroom. The stone used for the bathroom sink is exceptional too.

This island in the laundry room is so pretty and practical too.

Moving to the exterior.....

This mixture of shaker style, rustic barn, and modern breezeway is absolutely stunning. This has my head spinning for future designs, I love it so much!

I am intrigued by the way the lantern over the front door hangs below the opening of the door. It is not a functional issue because the door opens in and I think it ups the visual interest of the entry significantly. This is a reminder, do not be afraid to take little risks, they pay off!

Jackson & LeRoy builder, Baros Design architect, Doran Taylor design, Tuck Landscape, photo source

This is such a pretty front door, especially since it is decorated to celebrate the first Monday in December ;-)

This is also such a pretty front door. This exterior is a "starry night", the more you look, the more you see. The copper flashing, the cedar roof, the irons, the woods, the hanging lanterns, the peaks, curves and swoops. Wow, this house is a real beauty.

There was a porte cochère in a Manic Monday post last month and I could not resist putting another one in this week. The soaring roof and wide front door are gorgeous, as are the cobblestone driveway, planters and lighting. This is the way to welcome a guest!

The transom window above this door and long lantern to the left of it are very visually appealing.

The last two photos show the side of a detached garage that includes space for entertaining. I love this! The color and look of the doors with the covered patio is eye candy for sure.

I hope these inspiring images and ideas are helping to start your week off on the right foot. I will be back tomorrow with some ideas I have gathered as inspiration for my own renovation. See you there!

Thank you for being here today,



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