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Inspiration for my Renovation

Hello. Yesterday I posted about overall inspiring ideas in the land of design from last week and today I am posting about images I saved specifically as inspiration for my upcoming renovation over the past few weeks. John and I have a meeting scheduled next week to review the initial plans with the builder and I am very, very excited. As I have said before, I will keep collecting inspiration and trying to fine tune my plans until they are marked "final".

I will start with the exterior inspiration.

This picture provides a good illustration of the style I want for my front doors. I also really like the house numbers from Modern House Numbers on the porch, although this is not something I can use on my house for two reasons. One, our front porch will have an awning type roof line with no space for house numbers and two, our house has its number permanently built into the facade already. I think additional numbers would be overkill.

This is an interior photo featuring fabric from Peter Dunham, although I am using it for exterior inspiration. I have designed our back deck and side door entry deck to have horizontal railings and this picture is a great example to share with the builder of how the stair railing could/should look.

Another charming exterior shutter to use as inspiration. I have been making sure to frequently mention to John that he volunteered to make the shutters for our house over the winter! No getting out of it lol. The landscape design for this house is done by Falkner Gardens. I unfortunately am unable to find the architect and/or shutter designer.

Moving into the library.

I am really drawn to the simplicity of the book shelves in this room designed by m. elle design. This look is definitely something to keep in mind when it comes time to design the actual shelf detail in my library.

I cannot find the link to this photo, here is another picture of the space though

Heading into the kitchen.

Cementing my desire for soapstone are the gorgeous countertops in this kitchen designed by Oakstone Homes. I am also love, loving the sconce next to the range hood in the first picture - stunning.

Right off the kitchen, into the mudroom.

John wants brick herringbone floors in the mudroom/powder room area and I really love the color variation of the bricks in this kitchen pantry by Marie Flanigan Interiors.

Window Treatments

My bedroom has a very large window with a semi-circle window on top and there is also that same type of window in the master bathroom. I want to use a combination of shades and draperies in my bedroom and these next three images inspire me because the shades are hung outside of and much higher than the window(s) and they all look great. This is what I will have to do to cover the semi-circle part of the windows in my bedroom and bathroom and I also need to hang the shades higher than the "regular" windows for the look to be consistent throughout the room. I talked about this dilemma in the decor post on the master too.

I am feeling Library Love for this next one. It is very close to the color I am planning to paint our library.

I think having the window treatments begin at the crown molding is very attractive. Makes me wonder, do I even need curtains???

Some random ideas and inspiration.

New on my mind lately, should we upgrade to really unique and attractive light switches like these from Forbes & Lomax? I love the idea if the budget actually allows for it. The more details I can add to give my 1990s home personality, the better! This wallpaper from Schumacher is pretty darn spectacular too.

The last image makes me think I really need to upgrade our dog Hudson's bowls. Blue and white dog bowls on a small vintage rug? Yes, please! The form over function battle in my house will continue over this one :-)

This is the end of inspiration for my renovation for this week. I will be back tomorrow with a new feature called Food For Thought. See you then.

Thank you for coming by today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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