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Manic Monday

Happy Monday. It is hard to believe this is the start of the last week in March. Crazy. Here is this week's collection of ideas that wowed and inspired me. I hope you feel the same.

I will start off with two statement making kitchen islands. This sawhorse legged table as an island is inspired indeed.

So is this natural stone island that looks like it was picked up right from the earth and placed in this kitchen. So cool.

LW, photo source

Next, two beautiful kitchens from Lauren Nelson Design. In this first one, the sightline of the low hanging pendant lights over the kitchen table and no visible lighting over the island is beautiful. There is something so calming about this space.

photo source

In this kitchen, the way the ceiling terraces down and through the kitchen to the outside covered patio is truly gorgeous.

photo source

One more kitchen idea for today, the small cavity between the top of the refrigerator and the cabinets above is the definition of "details matter". This is charming.

I love the addition of a built in sofa above this window ledge. The ledge could have easily been made to look like a bench without any architectural embellishment. This is another example of an elevating detail.

The color and size of the leather sofa at the end of this bed could not be anymore perfect for this room (it is called custom furniture for a reason, Kerry) - western elegance at its finest!

This loft bedroom is rich with details. I love the way the dark green paint on the stair railing and closet tie to the wallpaper and I am smitten with the three touches of red - the window shade, the standing lamp's shade, and the little candlestick lamp on the desk. This room makes you feel good just looking at it.

This bathroom is so attractive and is another space designed with an eye on the details - the square tile that goes all the way to the ceiling in the shower, the dark grout in the penny round tile on the floor, the brass hardware throughout, the marble shower curb, counter top and backsplash, and the long under-mount sink all work together to make this room a bathing beauty.

I love the way this tile backsplash seamlessly leads right into the shiplap. Lovely. The soap niche on the wall, the mirror, and the lighting are all pretty fantastic too.

For me, hydrangeas and boxwood are the cornerstone to any landscaping project so I was struck by these boxwood topiaries and dried limelight hydrangea blossoms inside. Love, love, love.

Here are some more dried hydrangea blooms for you. I obviously need to learn the art of drying flowers. If you have any tips, please comment below.

As you most likely know, I love a breezeway and I love a screen porch so I doubly love a screen porch that is also a breezeway!

I am ending with my dream house. This house is inspiring me to start a new series called "Dream House". Stay tuned. This picture perfect home is in Nantucket and it is idyllic to me. Do you agree? I am going to be dreaming about this house all day and beyond.

That's a wrap for this edition of Manic Monday. I will be back tomorrow with an Inspiration For My Renovation post. See you then.

Thank you for being here today, Kerry


Mar 28, 2022

hydrangeas dry best late in season just starting to get dried look. Cut to length and place to n vase or container with an inch of water. Let it sit and naturally dry as arranged. That’s my tip.

Kerry Moylan
Kerry Moylan
Mar 30, 2022
Replying to

Thank you!



Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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