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Inspiration For My Renovation

John and I are getting so close to finalizing the scope of our renovation. I had a meeting last week with our builder to go through everything with a fine-toothed comb to see where any additional savings might be found. I am pulling out every trick I know of and the builder has been extremely patient, supportive and helpful. At this point I think he wants the project to become a reality as much as I do!

All that being said, I am really looking at the finer points for inspiration now and that is what I have to share today. The following are the images that struck a chord with me for details having to do with my renovation- some decorative and some construction related.

Without further ado....

I have shared before that I plan to put in wall to wall sisal/jute carpeting in the library and circle room rather than wood flooring to realize some savings. My current plan is to have wood thresholds between the two rooms and in the openings leading into the rooms from the entry that match the wood flooring. This would give the illusion that there is wood floor underneath the carpet in these rooms. This image has me thinking that may not be necessary. The continuation of carpet from one space to the next looks lovely here.

I have also shared about my extreme distaste for the textured ceilings in my house and my idea to paint them with a gloss finish, rather than a dead flat finish, to make them seem more intentional. It would ultimately be quite a savings to paint the ceilings, even in a gloss finish (which would be more expensive than flat paint) rather than to scrape them down and then paint, replace them and then paint, or cover them up with some type of decorative wood/finish.

I went into the paint store recently and asked for a can of the ceiling white color in a semi-gloss finish to test it out. The clerk at the store told me it was not recommended to use anything other than flat on a ceiling and a professional painter in the store asked me questions about why I would want to do that for almost twenty minutes! I say "go bold or go home" and that is what I did with my sample can lol. The glossy ceiling in this photo (which I know is not a 1996 textured, gloss painted ceiling) has me excited about the idea. I put up a small test patch in the basement and I plan to use gloss ceiling paint in the basement bathroom and basement home office when the renovation that John and I have been working on down there is complete. I will go from there to determine what to do room by room throughout the rest of the house. I will keep you posted!

I love the simple look of these kitchen cabinets. Right now my plan is to have a shaker profile on the doors and drawers in my kitchen, the simplicity of the drawers here are making me rethink that though.

I also love the look of the throw pillows on this bench. My plan was to have a bottom cushion made for the bench in my kitchen and install a brass rod above it for a back cushion to hang from, rather than pillows, as the backing of the bench. I'm loving this look though. Something to think about for sure.

Now that I have decided to keep the laundry room on the main floor, rather than move it to the second floor, and also make the space functional as the mudroom, I need to make the best use of every inch of the space. I am inspired by the clean lines of this cabinetry where it meets the bench - no need for fancy framing details, scoot it right in there!

photo source

I also love the idea of having hanging peg racks at two levels to maximize use of the space. Clever idea indeed!

I want to source a vintage pedestal sink for the powder room in my house that has its own backsplash like one of the sinks below. Bringing in vintage elements is a great way to add character to any space and in this case, bring in practicality as well. A built in backsplash negates the need for paneling or backsplash tile in the powder room.

Moving on to the master bathroom....

I love the idea of framing in mirrors like this. Simple. Clean. Gorgeous.

A place that I have identified to realize some meaningful savings in my renovation is with the tile choices in the master bathroom. Currently in the plan is to have hexagon Carrara marble flooring for the main floor and the shower floor (in a smaller size) and a decorative blue glass tile for the shower walls and ceiling. I will be on the hunt for something significantly less expensive and equally attractive.

I am intrigued by this blue and white bathroom..... well as the idea of square tiles for the shower.

Plenty to think about!

That is it for today. I hope, wish, and pray that by this time next month I am writing a celebratory post because we have a start date for the renovation on the calendar.

Thank you for following along!

Until next time......





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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