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Inspiration For My Renovation

Hello. It has been a long time since I wrote an Inspiration For My Renovation post. The last one was on August 16. I mentioned in July's post that the company that John works for was being sold and that we were placing our interior renovation on hold until we knew how the company's sale would affect John and his job. It is still on hold, hopefully not for much longer though.

During the past three months I have been giving thought to trimming down the scope of our project in case we face one of two scenarios. The first would be that we have to move. The house will (most likely) not sell for the amount we purchased it for because the real estate market is completely different right now. When we bought the house it was one of ten that had remained on the market for more than one day. This is a clear indication of its condition and that to sell it, it needs to be updated. The second reason would be we are staying in the house and need/want to reduce our budget to meet our current circumstances.

Any reason to scheme about renovations and decorations is fine with me!

This is what I have been collecting since August.

Starting with the library. We plan to have the opening between the library and the front hall framed by bookshelves, like the two doors in this room are, and on the opposite side of my library, bookshelves will be framing the sofa. I love the objects used on the top shelves in here. Very inspiring!

I am planning to paint the library a color similar to these next two images (Benjamin Moore Brewster Gray). I plan to paint the walls and the shelves all of the same color. I had not thought about painting the ceiling also. This room looks fantastic though. The walls are light colored though, does that make a difference? Would everything be too much? Something to think about.

Then I look at this room that has a white ceiling and white trim and I love it too. Food for thought.

Moving on to the kitchen, every time I see soapstone countertops I love them. That is the plan for the kitchen right now.

Absolute black granite is a cost saving option too though.... This kitchen is stunning.

Right now my plan is to have a simple shaker cabinet look for the front of the range hood, I really like this hood though - a little more visual interest, still fairly simple though.

The last thing on my mind about the kitchen right now is the bench that will be under the windows. I was not planning on having any type of table in front of the bench, I keep seeing images that have me rethinking that though, like these next two.

photo source

Not a kitchen, stunning nonetheless.

A revision I had on my list to save money and that I am going to do regardless is to keep the laundry room on the main floor and design the space to operate as a functional mudroom as well. The initial plan was to move the laundry room to one of the master closets and transform the current laundry room into a mudroom only.

Since the mudroom and laundry room will be in the one space now, clever and attractive elements need to be used, like the small sinks in the next two images, to get the most use out of the space.

I wish there was room for a built in bench like there is in this laundry room. Strong peg hooks are a must-have though to handle the coats and backpacks that will live in the space.

Since I am going to have two master closets now and a savings from not making the big laundry room move, I want the closets to be a little more special than little rooms with hanging rods. These next two images are inspiration for that - his and hers perhaps? Fabric for her, not for him!

photo source

Moving into the master bathroom. I love the idea of this cabinetry that is also serving as a vanity with the mirrored doors and bench seat. There will be a fair amount of cabinetry in my bath so perhaps something like this is doable. Regardless, I need a magnifying mirror because I cannot see anything anymore!

I am drawn to millwork in bathrooms to elevate the space lately as seen in the bathroom above and the two following. This has some savings over tile and can be/is extremely attractive.

I also really like this simple marble backsplash...

And I am loving skirted sinks in bathrooms lately too! A skirted sink is on my list for the basement bathroom for sure. More wood paneling in here too - charming.

I am inspired by these patterned curtains for the bedrooms in my house. Both of these images are from Amber Interiors. Love. Love.

Now, just a bunch of random things....

I need a new base for my copper topped kitchen table to use it for the entry in my house and this base is cool!

photo source

I have a wicker table that I painted black that is almost identical to the one in this image. It is currently the bedside table in my son's looks good out of the bedroom though.

photo source

When I was in Maine last month, I purchased a vintage U.S. Navy Jack Flag - the stars only - that I want to have framed. My maternal grandfather was the Commander of a Naval ship and John's dad was in the Navy so the flag is significant to our family history. This image gives me some inspiration for framing it. I am thinking something similar to this with a white background and frame. It will be gorgeous!

photo source

I need to up my candle game! Isn't this image beautiful?

photo source

Painted stairs coming to a house near you - mine!

The last two images are inspiration for the covered entrance over the side door of my house (leads to mudroom and laundry room). The wood posts that the landscape contractor installed are unusable so now John and I need to find a solution that does not rely on posts. I really like the support over the door in the first picture and over the window in the second image.

photo source

I hope to soon be turning this inspiration, and all that has come before it, into reality. Faith.

I will keep you posted.

Thank you for reading,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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