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Food For Thought

I have a little (taste of) Food For Thought today. On the menu - do you prefer the kitchen sink in the island or in the perimeter cabinetry of the room? Here are a few examples of each to nosh on this idea :-). No more food puns, I promise!

This beautiful, bright and airy kitchen has its sink in the island, directly across from the stove. The floor, cabinetry, island, beams - everything in this kitchen is stunning. Do you see the little spot lights in the beams? I am sure this kitchen looks amazing at night, as it clearly does during the day.

deVol, photo source

This pretty kitchen has its sink with brass faucet to the left of the stove. I love the copper accents on the wall behind the range and on the island. When John and I were on our honeymoon the first restaurant we had dinner in had a copper bar top and I have been in love with copper ever since.

deVol, photo source

Here is another airy kitchen with beams where the sink is in the island, across from the stove. This kitchen looks like it is made for very tall people lol.

McGee and Co., photo source

The kitchen featured in the next three images belongs to Heidi @ Simple Offerings. I love this kitchen. The sink is across from the island in front of three large windows in this kitchen.

photo source

photo source

photo source

This kitchen in the home of Patticake Wagner was my top inspiration image when I was designing the kitchen in my Holland house. I love this kitchen and it happens to have its sink in the island directly across from the stove.

photo source

Here is a view of the kitchen from the other side of the room.

photo source

This kitchen by Whitney Parkinson has been a dream kitchen of mine for a long time and is now inspiration for me for my current house. If my kitchen did not have the bizarre triangular bump out that it has, I would plan the layout of it to be quite similar to this. The sink in this kitchen is opposite the island.

photo source

A black and white kitchen with rustic wood accents is one of my favorite combinations. This kitchen has the sink right in the middle of the island, across from the range.

Jami Lancaster Design, photo source

Beams, beams everywhere. I love beams in kitchens. I am realizing now that there are beams in almost every kitchen in this post! On Trend Tuesday alert?! This pretty kitchen with windows galore has the sink opposite the island.

Kristina Crestin Design, photo source

Another pretty kitchen with beams. The sage green cabinets with the wood tones and marble all work so well together. The sink is in the island opposite the stove in this kitchen.

photo source

This pretty sink is opposite the island. The pale grey cabinets with brass hardware look great with the island stone and the sink stone Such an attractive mix.

Kate Abt Design, photo source

This stunning kitchen has the sink in the island. These oversized pendant lights are the perfect choice for the very tall ceilings. I am also loving the vintage rug - a favorite accessory in any kitchen for sure.

Park and Oak Interior Design, photo source

The last kitchen, also designed by Park and Oak Interior Design, is gorgeous and is the best of both worlds. The main sink is opposite the island and there is also a prep sink in the island. I love so much about this space, particularly the copper lights over the island, the wood glass front cabinets above the sink nestled between the dark tall cabinets, and the backsplash tile behind the main sink. I would be happy to cook and do the dishes in here!

photo source

This is another view of the same kitchen.

photo source

I am a fan of kitchens with sinks on the perimeter and in the island. I do not have a clear favorite. For me, the placement depends on the size of the kitchen - is there enough space in the island for the sink or is it too narrow? Is there ample space on the perimeter for prep, appliances, and the sink or not enough counter space? What is the focal point of the room? Is the view better from the sink looking out of the window or out into the kitchen space? A lot of time is spent at the kitchen sink so it is important to consider where you will be looking when at the sink and what guests in the kitchen will see when you are at the sink. Do you have a clear favorite for placement? Please let me know!

I will be back tomorrow with a progress update on the exterior of my house. See you there.

Thanks for stopping by today, Kerry



Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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