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Food For Thought

Hello. In the last Food For Thought post we nibbled on the choice of adding a pot filler in the kitchen. Today's choice: would you prefer a solid island countertop surface or a mix of materials on your island? This is actual Food For Thought for me lately. The plans for my kitchen renovation include a very large island - twelve feet long by four feet and seven inches wide. I want to use natural stone(s) for the countertops in my kitchen and there is no natural slab (no matter the material) large enough for the entire island. Rather than two slabs of the same material with a seam, I am heavily leaning towards one material for the portion that will be over the stools (three feet at the end of the island, still four feet and seven inches wide) and a separate material for the larger section (nine feet long and four feet, seven inches wide). Stay tuned for what those materials will be!

In the meantime, I wanted to present the option to you. I have six choices on the menu for either single slab islands or mixed material islands. Which would you order?

Choice One

A curvy island in marble in this gorgeous kitchen....

Annarya, photo source

...or a marble and copper island?

deVol, photo source

Choice Two

A single surface waterfall countertop island......

...or a geometric wood and marble partial waterfall countertop island? A lot of words for a very cool island :-)

Katherine Newman Design from House and Home October 2021 issue

Choice Three

A single white slab.....

....or a white and wood island?

Choice Four

A dark single slab island with drawers galore..... (I know for sure I would take the terra cotta floor!)

....or a marble and copper island? This marble is off the charts gorgeous.

deVol, photo source

Choice Five

A large white single island slab.....

....or another copper and marble mix? I really like the detail of the cove edge on the marble and the straight edge on the copper. It is a great way to match the top and bottom surfaces and add an extra dash of panache.

deVol, photo source

Sixth and Final Options on the Menu

A large marble island......

or a wood and marble mix? The cove edges match on this island.

Do you have a clear favorite? My scale definitely tilts toward mixed materials. I would love to know how you feel, please add a comment. I will be back tomorrow with an It's All In The Details post. See you there.

Thank you for joining me for Food For Thought,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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