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Food For Thought

A lot of kitchens extend beyond having solely utilitarian elements into decorative displays too. On the menu for pondering today: if you are adding display shelving to your kitchen, which I highly recommend if you have the space for it, would you prefer the shelves to span a window (or windows) or to be incorporated elsewhere in the room? I have put together eleven comparison kitchens to nibble on this.

Do you like this kitchen with cornered wood shelving spanning the window.....

.....or this wood shelving in the corner next to the window?

Do you like these glass and brass shelves in front of the pantry windows.....

.....or these in the pantry next to an interior window? So pretty.

Do you like these dark shelves spanning the window.....

.....or these dark shelves suspended above the sink?

Do you like the single wood shelf across this large window, above the range.....

.....or these sets of wood shelving flanking the range?

More brass and glass on the menu. Do you prefer these dishes in front of the windows.....

.....or nestled between cabinetry?

I am drawn to dark cabinetry in the kitchen. Would you opt for the brass railed dark shelf across these four windows between cabinetry.....

.....or these four brass railed shelves? Side note, this kitchen is gorgeous.

Do you like these pantry shelves in front of the window.....

source unknown

....or these above the sink?

What do you thing about this set of shelves in front of the window.....

....versus these between the fridge and freezer?

Do you like these shelves in front of a narrow window.....

.....or narrow shelves next to the range and microwave?

Do you like two sets of shelves across windows, divided by the range.....

.....or the same set up without the windows?

Dramatic ranges and shelving coming your way.

Do you love this long, marble ledge atop the range and in front of this wall of windows.....

.....or these shelves flanking the range hood?

I love both options, I have to say. What about you? Would you put shelving in front of a window? I would love to know.

I will be back tomorrow with an Either Or post, is is like Food For Thought, only not in the kitchen. See you then!

Thank you for being here today,


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Mar 30, 2022

l glass shelves in front of windows.



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