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On Trend Tuesday

Hello, I hope you enjoyed your President's Day holiday yesterday. It was unseasonably warm here which is always appreciated in February. In the last installment of On Trend Tuesday I showcased "nook beds" and today I am talking about a design element in the kitchen (and bathroom and beyond) that I am seeing more and more of which leads me to believe it is a trend of sorts. The On Trend element is rounded countertop edges. I like to call them "curvy counters". Curvy counters add more visual interest than squared off countertop edges and are a "trend" that can be customized rather than copied - a vital and important distinction if you are thinking about following a "trend". Longevity and loving it are key.

Starting with kitchens....

This long island has curved edges at both ends providing for comfortable seating and the wow factor.

This pretty island incorporates storage under its one sided curve.

photo source unknown

Rounded edges are a great idea for smaller kitchens to improve ease of movement around the space.

The next three images are all of the same gorgeous kitchen by Ashley Montgomery Design. The curvy counters top open storage at both ends. The curves also play well with the beamed, peaked roofline. This kitchen is all around (pun intended) gorgeous.

Here is another all around (I'm so punny) gorgeous kitchen. This one is by Becca Interiors. There is open and closed storage at the curved ends of this gracious island.

Here is a curve incorporated into the countertop, not the island. This is a smooth and stunning way to transition from the narrower wall space next to the French door to the standard countertop depth in the kitchen.

photo source unknown (I cannot find it)

Following are two kitchen islands with the curve on the long side, rather than the ends.

Izen, photo source

This curvy island has closed storage on one side and seating on the other.

Here is what looks to be a rendering of a sleek curvy countered island.

This entire line of cabinets is topped with a curvy counter.

Moving into the bathroom now....

This curved vanity is so pretty and I love how it is paired with the folding mirror.

A floating, curvy powder room vanity. Charming.

A floating master vanity with curved counter tops and sink faucets at the ends. So cool.

This marble topped double sink with its curvy ends is charming, especially with the round sinks.

The trend is spreading into mudrooms this distressed curvy countered storage cabinet.

Are you a fan? Would you or will you use "curvy counters"? Depending on the base and countertop materials used, the "vibe" achieved with them is endless. I am a fan.

I will be back tomorrow with the Book Report of the month. See you then.

Thank you for reading today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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