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Food For Thought

Hello. I am cooking up some options in the kitchen today. I am looking at adding, or perhaps not adding an ingredient, to your kitchen design. I am showing seven either or choices of kitchens with pot fillers behind the range and kitchens without them for a "taste test." The appeal of pot fillers is that when you need to fill a large pot with water when cooking, it can be done while the pot is sitting on the stove rather than filling the pot at the sink and carrying it back to the burner. Convenience for certain. Necessary? You decide.

Which would you rather have?

Would you prefer a cream and marble scheme with a pot filler?

Or one without the filler? They are both stunning, no doubt about it.

photo source

What would your choice be between the next two? Both have cutting boards stacked behind the range. The first has a pot filler.

This one does not.

Do you prefer a kitchen with dark cabinets and a pot filler?

New Old, photo source

Or dark cabinets and no pot filler? This marble backsplash is stunning and I love, love, love the copper pendant lights.

The next two kitchens both have pale painted cabinets and wood islands. Do you like the first with a pot filler?

Or the one without the filler?

M House, photo source

What about this choice? The range alcove with a pot filler?

photo source

Or the open range without a pot filler? Note the wicker sconces flanking the hood, they are amazing!

The next two kitchens both have green cabinetry and wood elements. Do you like the one with the pot filler?

Or the one without?

These next two have marble, white plaster range hoods, and hints of brass. Would you rather have a pot filler? I will take the view out the window no matter what!

Or no?

I have never had a pot filler before, I must say as I get older the idea of carrying a large, heavy pot full of water across the kitchen is less and less appealing. No matter what, you have to carry it back to the sink though when you are done cooking which is what I always come back to and why I have never had one. What about you? Have you had one? Would you want one? I would love to know.

I will be back tomorrow with the Vignettes Of The Month. See you there.

Thank you for considering pot filler options with me today, Kerry




Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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