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Vignettes of the Month

Hello! It is hard to believe it has been (just about) a month since I posted the first installment of Vignettes of the Month. Following are the "moments" I have collected over the past month that both stand on their own and add to the beauty of a room overall. Vignettes should create a focal point and are most successful when there is a restrained and interesting mixture of objects used. Take a look!

An entry is the perfect place for a vignette that sets the vibe for your home. This welcoming entry is designed by Sabbe Interior Design in Nashville.

This entry, designed by Amber Interiors sets the tone for a casual, easy going home. I love the unique wall fixture in place of a lamp on the table.

The round table in the corner in this dining room designed by Anthology Interiors creates a stunning vignette.

I love the three skateboards under the console table in this vignette. This vignette says to me that the people that live in this house are playful - this is the entryway in the home of designer Carol Estes, who must be playful!

This is a charming vignette/focal point at the end of a hallway. Love everything about it Design by Boxwood Avenue.

The doors on this cabinet look exactly like the kitchen stools we had when I was growing up turned on their side. This is such a cool piece of furniture. Vignette designed by Meg McSherry Interiors.

The next two photos with vignettes designed by and in the home of Marynn from Wildflower Home are in the same place with the same piece of furniture styled differently. Both are striking. I imagine the picture light makes this space really shine (pun intended ;-)) at night. Which is your favorite?

This is another vignette designed by Marynn of Wildflower Home in her bedroom. I am becoming a huge fan of stacked, propped artwork. I also love when books are incorporated into a vignette.

This window desk space designed by Swoon Worthy is all around gorgeous

I am going to end with a trio of Sean Anderson vignettes. Each starts with a beautiful piece of furniture as its base and those are then each topped with well curated, interesting objects. I am such a fan of each of these vignettes.

The glass bowl and vintage leather camping stool incorporated in this vignette are top notch. I also gravitate to almost any type of sculpture in a vignette.

The piece of furniture that this vignette is built upon is calling my name - so attractive, it makes a statement all of its own.

This is the conclusion of the Vignettes of the Month for October. These vignettes were either the finishing touch in a room or a moment all of their own - I love them all! I will be back tomorrow to show a little Library Love. See you then.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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