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Vignettes Of The Month

Hello. This post is heavy on entryway vignettes - one of the very best places to put your very best foot forward in vignette design because it sets the stage for the rest of your home. The best vignettes generally start with an attractive table or chest as the base. This piece of furniture is then layered with a combination of original artwork, found objects, books, unique lighting, sculpture, mirrors and/or ceramics. A basket, box, or stool underneath the table only ups the vignette ante. There is a great collection of inspiration this month so I will get right to it!

Too Hip To Be Square

The first several entryway vignettes are built upon rectangular shaped tables.

This one has a casual vibe that starts with the clips used for hanging the artwork and continues through the slouchy basket underneath the table.

The sconces almost disappear above this table. I love the way symmetry is applied in this vignette. The large piece of artwork is centered and then each side of the table has its collection of items centered above the divided sets of table legs; and the large stone jar on top is balanced by the basket on the floor. Lovely.

The lines of the mirror work so well with the vertical paneling, large horizontal brass picture light and the shape of the table. Quite attractive.

This hallway provides a duet of vignettes. The sight of the table from this vantage point with the circular stone artwork and jars on the floor is one vignette and the table itself, although seeing it from the side, is a vignette all its own. This entire hallway with the stone floor, wood ceiling and wood support structures is stunning.

photo source

Love the blue chest nestled by the stairs in this welcoming vignette.

I may have shared this one's so handsome, it's worth a second look!

The basket of wood tennis rackets under the table is enchanting, as is the folding wood table in this vignette.

Symmetry personified in this vignette.

I covet the sconces in this vignette. Covet!

Too Hip To Be Rectangle

A decidedly modern vignette with a round table.

An octagonal entryway vignette in this classic home.

Antiques For The Win

These next four images have antique chests as the base for their vignettes and they are all GORGEOUS.

photo source

The More The Merrier

This attractive vignette has it all - lighting, mirror, artwork, books, ceramics, found objects - and the black, fluted-front chest is gorgeous.

Reciprocal Vignette

I love the way the curve at the top of the window is reflected in the base of the table in this vignette.

Time To Put This Post To Bed

I will end this post with this calming bedside vignette. I really like the scale of the artwork mixed with the lamp, bust, and book/box pile. Lovely.

That is the end of April's vignettes. I will be back tomorrow with the final post for April. Hard to believe! See you there.

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Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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