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Monday Mentions: October 2022

Happy Halloween! Nothing scary here today, only beauty.

The following is a collection of images and ideas that have inspired me over the past month.

Starting with entryways...

I love the "conversation" happening in this space. The pendant speaks to the shade, the trim on the shade speaks to the exterior of the Dutch door and the blue and white on the lamp are flirting with the blue and white on the rug. This space is lovely.

photo source

The glow on the high gloss orange ceiling in this entry is breathtaking.

This neutral entry is extremely welcoming. Walking in the door and seeing an open book is enchanting.

I love everything about this space. This English boot room definitely has a leg up on the American mud room lol. I love the dark window trim and ceiling, the open cubbies, and the skirted center table. Gorgeous.

photo source

This is such a sweet vignette. It clearly says "welcome in" to me.

photo source

Moving into living rooms now...

The cool, antique mirror over the awesome fireplace along with the wood ceiling would make this room gorgeous even without furniture. The furniture's not bad either though!

This neutral New York City living room has a soothing vibe with its restrained mix of textures and patterns. Handsome room.

I love the tranquility of the white plaster walls, pale wood, and muted artwork. This room is quite lovely.

This room is pretty to look at. It has great sight lines into the adjoining spaces and includes artifacts as part of the artwork display, which I love. The sofa in this room also has sides that are deeper than the seat and that looks luxurious to me.

I love this trio of paintings and the way they relate to the striped rug.

This desk space is divine. I covet those curtains. Could I get work done here or would I be lost in the curtains all day? Hard to say.

Moving into the kitchen now...

The millwork in these next three kitchens make them all magnificent.

I really like the lighting above the island in this kitchen. The use of this fixture is a great way to add length/depth from a single outlet source.

Here is another type of kitchen lighting. I am a sucker for a lamp on the kitchen counter and this one sure is a beauty.

photo source

These topiaries are an attractive addition to a kitchen island. Love.

Bathroom talk now...

I love the way these curved mirrors break up all of the vertical and horizontal lines in the bathroom.

I love soap/trinket shelves like these and note the plexiglass installed behind the sink to both show and protect the wallpaper - this is a trick to employ for sure.

The distressed exterior on this tub is gorgeous, as are the penny round tile walls; and the dark trim and shade on the window.

photo source


The next five bedrooms all have red in them and they are all cheery and charming.

I really like the mismatched Kantha quilts at the end of these beds.

photo source

I love, love, love, the use of vintage rugs in this charming bunk room.

photo source

The lights over the beds add a touch of whimsy to this cozy bedroom.

photo source

This room is lovely and layered everywhere you look.

I love the abacuses on the wall. Anytime you can use found objects as artwork is a win in my book.

Here is a colorful bedroom of a different kind. The mix and layering of wallpapers and fabrics, the rug, the coverlet on the bed, and the paint color is expert design for sure.

This last bedroom is not colorful, it is calming and elegant though. This bed makes me want to have the ability to close off my bed with "curtains" too. It looks romantic, doesn't it?

This transformation by Lindsey Frank Design is inspiring. It really shows what paint and bookshelves can do. It gives me hope for my own house! The before image follows.

The last look...

The large hydrangea and climbing rose on this beautiful home have my heart. Ah, until next spring....

That's all for today folks.

Thank you for stopping in and reading today,





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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