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Monday Mentions: March 2023

March, I don't know about you coming in like a lion and out like a lamb this year, I do know you have flown by like a rocket though! March also provided its fair share of design inspiration. Here are the images that really struck a chord with me. Hopefully you will get a lot of inspiration from them as well.

Lay It All On The Table

A well placed and styled table can really elevate a space.

The simplicity of this one is beautiful.

Glenn Ban

The mix of shapes and patterns created by using a minimal amount of objects in this hallway is stunning.

Chad Dorsey Design

This table, dare I say vignette, in the corner looks perfectly charming.

Susan Burns Design

The scale of the table and stool behind this sofa are spot on. Gorgeous.

David Scott Interiors

This entire space is breathtaking. Pointing out one of the many details - I love the look of an open book, along with stacks of books, on a table like seen here.

Amber Interiors

Color Me Happy

Bold colors show real confidence in decorating.

Orange you happy you painted the wall? I am!

Christina Nielsen Design

This color, not sure exactly what to call it - brown mustard, sort of? - envelops this kitchen and ups the charm meter by many levels. I love the table and chairs too.

Ben Pentreath

Now this is bold! I am mostly struck by how perfectly upholstered the large nook cushion is.

Tissus d'Hélène

Dark and moody kitchens are great too.

I love how the passage way to the pantry is framed by cabinetry in this kitchen.

Lisa Staton Interior Design

I love how everything, including the ceiling, is painted the same color in this kitchen.


I've Never Met A Library I Didn't Like

That's not true, I do love these though!

Sarah Brown

Colin King Studio

Cool Stuff

This room has such a cool vibe. I love everything about it.

Lubu Interiors

This dining room has such a cool vibe too. I love the contrast of dark and light in here.

Katie Rosenfeld & Co.

A pocket door window shutter! This oozes charm.

Bryan Graybill

Built in laundry sorting - genius. I wish my laundry room was big enough for this! Love.

Patrick Ahearn

I think it is charming the way the windows in this sunroom slide, rather than open out.

McGrath II

This slat wall is a great way to do a feature wall. I think pulling off a good feature wall is tricky (translation - I often don't like them). The best way to do it, in my opinion, is by using an architectural feature, with or without a separate paint color, rather than just a different paint color or only one wall of wallpaper. This one is a real success.

Abide Designs

I covet this table. I wrote a blog post about it long ago.

photo source

This chair, artwork, and painted cabinet are the things that (my) dreams are made of!

Robert Kime

To The Showers

A love seat and coffee table in the bathroom? Yes, please! I love "real" furniture in bathrooms if there is space for it and this bathroom has the space and used it - it is awesome!

Virginia Tupker Interiors

I love absolutely everything about this bathroom. The way that the shower curtain and wallpaper complement each other, the light fixtures, the combination of tiles, and the dark painted trim. Gorgeous, all of it.

Story Street Studio

The sightline from this pretty pink bathroom to the bedroom is lovely.

McGrath II

If you're trying to build a case for shower curtains over doors, here is Exhibit A for you. Stunning.

Johnice Katz

I love the wallpaper and matching sconce shade in this powder room. My favorite feature is the marble shelf though above the sink and toilet. Genius and attractive - great combo!

Anderson Wier Studio

Cafe curtains in a bathroom are always a good idea.

Sarah Bartholomew

The shape of the mirror over this vanity brings so much visual interest to the space. There is also a ledge/shelf above the sink backsplash in this bathroom. Such a clever use of space!

Ursino Interiors

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