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Monday Mentions: January 2023

Wow, how is it that we have reached the end of January!?! I hope you have had a great month. Did you make any resolutions for the year? Are you sticking to them? I did not make resolutions per se, I did choose two words to try and focus on for the year and so far I am still keeping them top of mind, even if I am not "doing" them as well as I would like.

My first word is "overlook" - as in I am really trying to overlook the little things that irritate me and be more joyous. I can tell you I chant the word "overlook" in my mind a lot because a lot of things irritate me! lol My second word is "complete" - as in I want to complete projects/tasks rather than jumping from one thing to the next and finishing things in fragments. This has resulted in me writing a long to-do list on Mondays with everything I want to accomplish for the week and then dividing the list into smaller pieces by day so that I am completing the items on the list and not leaving parts still to be done for a later day. It feels good to check off the full list at the end of the day, that's for sure!

I also am applying "complete" to projects around my house that John and I have been talking about doing and for one reason or another keep putting off. We have started our first project to complete and I will be talking about that in a House Six Update post and an Inspiration for my Renovation post over the next couple of weeks - stay tuned!

Enough of that! Time to look at some true design beauty spotted throughout the month....


Here are three statement making entryways.

This wallpaper is gorgeous.

This space is a wow-er and has me dying to see the rest of the house!

A round table with beautiful flowers in an entrance hall is my favorite.

A Little Love

These three carved out spaces offer a lot to love.

This built in nook is gorgeous and the fabric on the wingback chair is an inspired choice. Love.

I would be happy checking off my to do list in this sweet office space.

The collection of artwork hung over the bamboo shelf is calling my name. It is charming.

Cool Vibes

The people from these next four homes know how to live! The rooms all have such a laid back, attractive style.

The glossy white painted floors in this neutral room are stunning.

The mix of materials in this room is spot on. Leather, stone, rattan, upholstery, all looks soooo good together.

I love the way the paneling in this room provides a manageable height for the living space and merges it with the super tall ceilings. This is genius, in my opinion. The patchwork rug and funky lamp give the room its cool vibes :-)

I love how the curtains have two sides of contrasting fabric - upping the cool factor of this already cool room. A great mix of fabrics with the pillows on the sofa and the floral print on the chair too.

The Color of Home

As much as I love more neutral rooms with a laidback vibe, my design style and aesthetic gravitate more toward color and these next six rooms speak to that pull to color.

I love when a room, including the ceiling, is painted a bold color like this library. I also love the small scale of the library lights and table lamps mixed with the large scale of the paper lantern in this room. Quite attractive.

photo source

The wallpaper and fabrics bring the color to this cozy space.

The similar, yet different chair and chaise fabrics blend perfectly with the sofa color. This is a very welcoming room indeed.

This could be one of the greatest mixes of pattern and color of all time. I love the wallpaper mixed with all of the fabrics and the ornate fixtures and artwork. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S

You see color everywhere you look in this happy space. Love.

Dark and moody works too. The wallpaper in this room is the perfect amalgamation (every time I hear or say that word I think of the scene in the movie Parenthood when Steve Martin's character is describing his childhood - do you know what I'm talking about? lol) of all of the colors in the space.

Dynamite Dining

Love the casual vibe of this dining room (another paper lantern) and the sightline into the adjoining room. Dark walls with white trim is almost always a win.

This is a cool space, I particularly like the gingham curtains.

This room makes me want to eat pasta, although I want to eat pasta pretty much all of the time! Nonetheless, this is a soothing dining space.

photo source

I am a fan of captain's chairs and I think these particular ones are an inspired choice for this dining room.

I'm usually not a fan of an accent wall of any kind, ever. For some reason though this dining room is working for me.

The Charm in Cooking

I'm in love with this cottage kitchen.

This brass backsplash is a great feature, I really like it with the navy walls too.

photo source

The Lee-Jofa wallpaper makes the (what looks to be) original cabinetry in this Butler's Pantry even more beautiful.

Curtains in the kitchen - you don't see that everyday - maybe you should though!

This faucet is so pretty.

Let It Sink In

Bathrooms are certainly finding their time to shine!

The skirted sink, brass frames, paneled walls, and terra cotta flooring work together to make this bathroom a stunner.

photo source

The wallpaper, lighting, and artwork in this bathroom certainly make for a sophisticated, alluring powder room.

The vanity and floor combination in this bathroom is so attractive.

This double pedestal sink is so unique - love.

The sightline from this paneled green bathroom to the hallway is splendid.

The marble in this bathroom is breathtaking. Exquisite.

The Rest of It

This bedroom is charming. I love the mix of fabrics and how the closets blend with the paneled wall.

Mismatching made perfect in this twin bed bedroom.

The wallpaper is magnificent in this bedroom and I love the thin lines of the lamp.

That's a wrap! Thank you for being here today. Happy Monday and cheers to January.





Hi, I’m Kerry, a true lover of all things home design.  Thank you for stopping by to check in on the journey.  Please feel free to reach out to me, I love to talk design!

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