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Monday Mentions: December 2022

Hello and Happy New Year! This post is delayed by a week because I planned to write it while my family was at our Farm in West Virginia over the holidays and it turned out that we were without internet for almost the entire time we were there. It was a lovely, albeit forced, respite from all things internet related. There was the occasional "too bad we cannot look it up" comment, overall though, I think everyone appreciated the pause in the end. Now, it is a new year and all things are back up and running, as they say, and it is time to kick 2023 off by looking at some design beauty that is quite inspirational for the projects awaiting tackling this year.


I love an enclosed entry on a house and this one is perfection. The house also happens to be in one of my all time favorite towns, Middleburg, Virginia. When I lived in Chevy Chase, Maryland, I would often take the "Virginia Way" to the Farm in West Virginia so that I could stop in this town, about an hour outside of D.C. because it is so charming.

photo source

The lantern on this townhouse is so attractive, gorgeous, stunning that I am speechless beyond compliments of beauty.

The petrified wood chairs in this outdoor shower area are charming.


I love the super wide floor boards in this house, may I have them please?

The detailing on these new floors will be a showstopper when complete.


The dark face on this fireplace wall makes a stunning statement.

The simplicity of this fireplace wall is equally stunning.

This fireplace is groovy, man. Neat-o.

photo source


I have always wanted a sectional that snugly fits the corner of a cozy room and this one fits the bill.

This tufted sectional is terrific.


Mixing fabrics is like artwork, whether done all in a row, like on the chaise below....

...or seen from room to room, like here.


It is often said that nothing changes a room like a fresh coat of paint and to that I say, nothing elevates a room like a well crafted combination of paints.....


These next five spaces all give off a welcome, good vibe.

This first one is a perfect transition from the transformative power of paint into a room that just feels good because it has both of those elements en masse.

This collection of artwork, coupled with the colorful spines on the bookshelf, gives off good vibes.

This room makes you want to walk in, get comfortable, and stay there for a long, long time.

The pendant over the coffee table and antique grandfather clock take this room to the next level. Love.

This family room is fantastic. I particularly love the fabric on the sofa.


I usually am not a fan of table cloths, I covet this dining room though. The casual elegance of this space is seductive.

A fireplace in the dining room is a dream and this room is dreamy.


I love the simplicity of these first three kitchens.

photo source

I love the mix of old and new in this kitchen.

The open cabinet spaces in these next two kitchens add another level of charm to the spaces.

A mirror behind a kitchen sink is a great trick when the sink is on an interior wall and these antiqued mirror tiles take that trick up a notch (or more).

The nook next to the range hood in this kitchen is charming.

The double pendants from a single source in this kitchen camouflage the fact that the sink is not centered beneath the window - in quite a charming way.


The full wall of drapes in this bedroom that serve both the windows and as the bed's headboard backdrop is luxurious looking.

A bedside table that does double duty as a desk is one of my favorite things to incorporate when decorating a bedroom.


I love the curves on this vanity.

Bathroom floors are a great way to add character, depth, and dimension to the space..... are backsplashes.


This sink and marble backsplash are a great reminder that new isn't always better. You cannot beat the charm of this old utility sink - this is the thing that mudroom dreams are made of. Love.

photo source

Enjoy your first Monday of 2023. I hope it's a great one!

Thank you for reading today,



Jan 02, 2023

wonderful post! EnlighteNing.

Kerry Moylan
Kerry Moylan
Jan 03, 2023
Replying to

Thank you ❤️



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