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Monday Mentions April 2023

Hard to believe it is nearing the end of another month, the year is one third over! I'm not saying that to depress anyone, I'm smiling as I type this because my dad was always saying "it's damn near...." ....Thanksgiving at the beginning of April or Memorial Day in January, things like that and the older I get the more I realize the accuracy of those statements.

Today though, this post is intended for you to slow down for a minute or two and admire some true design inspiration and beauty. There are a lot of images so I will keep my commentary short(er) and sweet.

Landing Love

This entry sets the stage for what looks to be a vibrant and welcoming home. It makes we want to walk around the corner! How about you?

This art and antique filled landing makes wall to wall carpeting look like the ideal floor covering.

This landing nook leading only to a mini library is charming.

Art Appreciation

It is no secret that I am a major fan and supporter of statement artwork of all kinds and the next several rooms have all that and more!

This framed quilt (looking) piece is stunning.

These look like simple pieces of aged linen that have been framed and they are gorgeous.

This gallery wall is an interesting and symmetrical stunner.

Abstract art on dark glossy walls? Be still my heart!

The large canvas behind the built in, wrap around sofa brings this eclectic space together perfectly.

The juxtaposition of the colorful painting in the dining space with the black and white photography over the fireplace is striking.

Neutral, Naturally

Every time I see subtle, sublimely designed neutral rooms I think to myself, I am going to do that in my house. Then I look around my house and know that I cannot do it because at the end of the day I am drawn to color and pattern play. If I am fortunate enough to have a second home one day, I am going neutral all the way (I think, maybe!).

These rooms are all so understated and beautiful.

photo source

I especially love the touches of blue in these next two rooms. They are tiptoeing out of full-on neutral, heading more into my lane.

Bedtime Stories

This bed is a piece of art all on its own. Wow.

This bed, new to Mark Sike's line/collaboration with Anthropologie is reminiscent of the bed above and equally attractive. His entire collection with Anthropologie is fabulous if you haven't checked it out yet.

The mix of fabrics in this bedroom is charming, as are the paneled walls and simple canopy bed frame.

The simple Kantha quilt on this upholstered bed and the graphic chest make for a handsome bedroom indeed.

The layers and mix of patterns in this bedroom are quite handsome. I particularly like the look of the vintage textile behind the headboard.

Nothing beats a well decorated twin bed bedroom for a guest room, in my humble opinion. I would be happy to be a guest in either of these rooms.

Cleaning Up

We all have to wash up, might as well bring beauty to the experience.

It doesn't seem fair to this sink to call this space a mudroom. Talk about elevating your surroundings!

This tall vessel sink is unusual and attractive, my favorite combination when decorating.

The paneling on this standard drop in tub make it look custom and uber attractive.

The painted checkerboard on this basic white floor tile brings so much personality to the space in a relatively easy way.

The Elements of Love

A rapid succession of things I have loved this month and hope you will too.....

The fabrics and upholstery on these chairs.

The curve of this sofa.

The shape of this ottoman.

The overflow of books. (This shows how books are an attractive addition to any space, regardless of display style!)

This mirror.

This adorable wicker sconce.

The little lamp on the charming corner desk with the lovely wallpaper, sweet picture frames, and perfect trim and ceiling paint color.

The pullout desk hidden in these bookshelves.

This little corner countertop.

photo source

The built-ins under the stairs.

The original cabinetry.

The size and color of this door.

photo source

That is it for this month. I hope you have seen an idea or two that speaks to you and inspires you!

Thank you for reading today,



May 06, 2023

I love the pull out hidden desk in the floor to wall bookcase. It is a space saver like a pocket door, which I love too! I enjoy your blogs!


Apr 24, 2023

Always love to see your ideas. Inspiring



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