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Mini Post: On Trend Tuesday

Hello. I have my eye on several things I have been seeing more and more of lately that I will bring to you over the coming weeks, today though I have a little, mini On Trend Tuesday post. A few weeks ago, over the course of one week, I noticed the use of a particular type of sconce light fixture in room after room so I went back to try and find a few of the images to share with you.

The light fixture is from WO & WÉ in France. It comes in different sizes, has several shade options, and is adjustable so it meets the criteria for On Trend Tuesday - it is customizable, not copy cat, and can work with many different decor styles - from bringing a touch of flare in a traditional space to keeping modern cohesion in a room.

Here are three examples of the sconce in beautiful action.

photo source

Could you find a use for one of these sconces in your home? I think it would look fantastic anywhere you used it.

I will be back tomorrow with a House Six Update. John and I are meeting with the builder later today so I should have news to report - praying it is of the positive variety! See you tomorrow.

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